The problem for the Dems is that he really did it!

by Skip May 20, 2018

RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.) RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book […]

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“We are defending our families. And you would do exactly the same.”

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2018

Something to chew on before lunch. We are defending our families. And you would do exactly the same. pic.twitter.com/pMJsiV4AgT — PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) May 17, 2018

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White House Pulls No Punches:
Blames Hamas For Rioters’ Deaths

by Mike May 14, 2018

Israel is 70 years old, and America is finally moving her Embassy to Jerusalem. Soon, it will be the 70th anniversary of “Nakba”, the disaster caused by Arab nations instigating an uprising and declaring war against the birth of Israel in 1948, and then abandoning those insurgents when Israel won the war and drove out […]

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A statement of how the Islamic Arabs have changed…

by Skip December 20, 2017

…since Trump announced that the US Embassy was going to move to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem: Yeah, pretty much nothing.  They still want to push the Jews “from the river” (Jordan) into the sea.  They wish to eliminate them completely.  There can be no peace while Islamists love the death of the Jews over the […]

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by Steve MacDonald November 4, 2016

Obama’s Muslim advisors and their conquest of the west. Tom Trento/The United West *Trevor Loudon also covers the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America in his movie The Enemies Within.

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How To Stab A Jew

by Rick Olson October 19, 2015

“The official Hamas charter calls for the murder of Jews and destruction of the Jewish state.” –Aaron Klein Ambassador Danny Dannon stands before the UN Security Council displaying a sign which reads, “How to stab a jew,” in the aftermath of a Palestinian marking himself as a member of the press and attacking an Israeli […]

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Email Doodlings – “…abhors a vacuum…” – Skip, Part II

by Skip September 6, 2015

From our email thread: Additive to what I wrote – I’m listening to Meet The Press and Colin Powell is talking about the Iran Deal.  My head is shaking in dismay and horror that he thinks this deal is good and that Iran is going to be a trustworthy partner in this.  And prattles on […]

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Dean Joseph Scaffido (Assistant Dean for Students) at Cornell: ISIS student group? Care packages to Hamas?

by Skip March 25, 2015

NO PROBLEM!  This is a great example of “Being so open minded, your brains are falling out” – sure thing, we can have these extremists (and for all of the throwing around of that word by Progressives, let’s face it, these Islamic Jihadists ARE extremists) on our campus; doesn’t matter that they hate everything that […]

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So, Hamas keeps denying they shoot rockets from civilian areas?

by Skip August 5, 2014

I keep thinking that the Israeli-Hamas war is like that between the idea war between Republicans and Democrats.  Both Hamas and Democrat / Lefties are good at emotional demagoguery relying on both heartstrings and low info population and both pretty much use “its for the children” (albeit in somewhat different ways).  But occasionally, facts do crop up […]

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Yeah, that’s accuracy. Certainly not the lack of caution trumpeted by Hamas against Israel

by Skip August 4, 2014

IDF Naval forces target a Hamas rocket launcher that seems to have been installed close in with civilian homes and buildings:  (H/T: The Corner)

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Liberal Tossed Under Moral Equivalency Bus

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Liberal Tossed Under Moral Equivalency Bus

It is always fun to watch a Liberal getting tossed under he moral equivalency bus.   This installment comes courtesy of Guy Benson via Hot Air.  Liberal Sally Kohn tries to call “hypocrisy’ on those who support Israeli violence but object to Palestinian violence. How can same people who believe Hamas violence justifies Israeli violence […]

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How Hamas Runs A Town
(What Israel Is Fighting)

by Mike July 20, 2014

It helps to know how close to the Israeli border the Hamas terrorists have set up their rocket launchers, command posts, and tunnel entrances – meet the suburb of Shuja’iya, an armed encampment with civilian “decoration”:

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GrokTALK! for 7/19/2014 – The Videos

by Skip July 19, 2014

Once again, GrokTALK! was live this morning from 9-11am.  Given the wonderful weather, that it is SUMMAH!, we know that more of you are listening on YOUR time and not ours.  Steve has the audio here for downloading to listen when and where that suits you.  Video – a bit more convoluted, but here it is: […]

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Protecting Civilians From Missiles vs Protecting Missiles With Civilians

by Mike July 19, 2014

An excellent roundup of discussions on Israel’s self defense and surgical strikes vs Hamas’ cynical use of human shields on TownHall.com I’ve been advocating for years that the point of original of each rocket or missile be turned into a smoking crater – if Hamas kept their rockets and military depots away from homes and […]

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What Passes As Un-Biased News Reporting About Israel

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for What Passes As Un-Biased News Reporting About Israel

What Passes As Un-Biased News Reporting About Israel…

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So You’re Really In Favor of a ‘Two-State’ Solution Then?

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2014
Thumbnail image for So You’re Really In Favor of a ‘Two-State’ Solution Then?

Muslim clerics and leaders of terrorist groups are always telling us what they want. They want us to die.  Survivors will be treated as less than animals.  Allah requires the faithful to cleanse the world to create the global Ummah.  And it is Ok to lie, cheat, break vows, whatever is required. (Just like Democrats.) […]

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So Christie is the GOP’s Guy? Or The Muslim Brotherhood’s Guy?

by Rick Olson February 7, 2014

“And, while you’re stabbing me in the back, you can kiss my ass, too.” —unknown Back in July, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hosted a dinner at the Governors Mansion where he hob-nobbed with members of Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood, erstwhile lamenting a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country …” When concerns […]

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Obama Admin Releases $500 Million for the FAA…Nope, Wait!

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2013

Sorry.  That should read….Obama Admin Releases 500 Million dollars for the FAA PA.  Not Pennsylvania, the Palestinian Authority.  Ben Shapiro reports that the Obamadministration has agreed to allow half a billion dollars to flow into the hands of Mahmoud Hamas Abbas. So screw you air traffic controllers, park rangers, and border agents everywhere.  You Head-Start kids […]

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Why aren’t there any bomb shelters in Gaza…

by Tim Condon November 26, 2012

…to protect against those Jewish attacks? This guy explains it. (This is turning out to be a big Quiz Day.)

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Muslim Brotherhood: What does Maggie Hassan think of her husband’s Islamic radical friends that he brings to Philips Exeter Academy?

by Skip October 10, 2012

Update: Erik Erikson has absolutely lambasted and quartered the incestuous relationship that is the Mainstream Media and Democrat apparatchik within the DC beltway mentality.  The first post was a corker – the second has this devastating bit to it.  While he’s talking about the intersection of the Uppity Lefty Media and the Uppity Lefty Democrats, […]

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Anti-Semitism rearing its head in the Lakes Region?

by Skip October 6, 2012

Road side signs of the plastic type on short wire frames are popping up all over the place – a fair number during the Primary last month but exploding in number as the election draw neigh.  Being a news / political junkie, I pay attention to them: whose signs are placed where, are they Democrat, […]

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Carol SEIU-Porter And Ann McKluster’s Biggest 2012 Donor? Anti-Israel J Street PAC

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2012

You are who you take money from, so the narrative goes, which on a typical day makes Carol Shea-Porter (SEIU-Porter) a union thug and Ann McLane Kuster (The McKluster) and SEIU-Porter both the Bane of the Unborn (up to an including partial birth abortion), and meat puppets of left wing congressional leadership. So how does […]

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