Gun Safety

Gun Nuts

by Ed Naile June 16, 2014

The Washington Post, cranking up its 2014 free political donation to liberal candidates, has assembled some simple talking points about gun confiscation for the small liberal papers to promote. The Concord paper, dutifully, has done so. Here it is for what it is worth: Here is the “easy for the low information voter to remember” […]

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Competition Shooter Jessie Duff Takes Us To School

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2013

Nothing puts a debate about firearms into perspective like holes in sheet metal.  So here is professional shooter Jessie Duff showing us what kind of damage you can do with various weapons to make a point.  That the lefts caterwauling has no point.   H/T Laura Rambeau Lee –

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

by Rick Olson January 11, 2013

  What is it that Liberals do not know? Treat and respect all firearms as if they are loaded; Point the muzzle away from non-targets and in a safe direction; Keep fingers off the trigger; Be sure of your target and of what is beyond it; Schmucks….

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