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“Hitler’s Rant on Connecticut Gun Registration”

by Skip March 13, 2014

We’ve written on this before – the governed in Connecticut have begun to withdraw their consent from the governing over the draconian laws that basically made them felons overnight for simply keeping firearms that they may have had for decades with no problems.  They are upset that they are being made to feel and have […]

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Mental Health Issues – Taxing Up The Wrong Tree

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2013

Skip already gave a run-down on HB 499 and how it could suggest that gun buyers report all sales to the the Department of Health and (in)Human Services, and pay a fee on every sale.  You have to keep track of that fee so we get a back-door gun registry while claiming to get gun owners […]

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We force you to wear a seatbelt because it will save your life.

by Skip January 25, 2013

As stupid an argument as can be said as in “since you OBVIOUSLY won’t take responsibility for yourself, we shall make you take responsibility for yourself”.  And if you do not, the force of Government will take away your money (via a fine) or take away your time (with jail time).  I am glad to […]

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Obama WILL announce a gun registry tomorrow – and some want to track your buns, too

by Skip January 15, 2013

Tomorrow is the “rush it through day” for Obama to announce his plans for restricting gun usage as it is clear that he will not let this crisis go to waste.  Sure, you can be sure that he knows all of the stats of how violence stats have been going down – it doesn’t matter.  […]

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