Gun Grabber

“Gary Lambert is no friend of law abiding gun owners…”

by Susan Olsen September 6, 2014

From the New Hamsphire Firearms Coalition early this morning: Dear NHFC Members and Friends, When the NHFC grades politicians, there will inevitably be those who, like Former State Senator Gary Lambert, will try to obscure their anti-gun record.  I want to set the record straight, and tell you directly why we believe Former Senator Lambert is no […]

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Never Look A Gift Mare Mayor In The Mouth!

by Mike May 29, 2014

Courtesy of, we have another great signboard which we can turn into a tabula rasa for ridiculing the overbearing nanny-staters. In this case, more of a Bloomula-Rasa, where the nanny-mayor himself got caught holding a “Not One More” sign for his wholly owned and operated “Every Town for Gun Safety” gun-grabbing group. Before you […]

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Gun Buying In Massachusetts

by Rick Olson February 20, 2014

Do not ever say that the desire to ‘do good’ by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives.  —Ayn Rand Buying Guns in Massachusetts… H/T RealityAlwaysWins

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Tell Scott Brown to Move On…

by Susan Olsen December 16, 2013
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Tom Harvey: “Insurance is used to help control every other important dangerous item or activity we have”

by Skip November 25, 2013

I mentioned Tom Harvey here on what our first President, George Washington, had to say about Citizens, guns, and their relationship to Government (even ours).  GW made it clear that the purpose for Citizens possessing firearms was not for hunting, not for sports, but for defense.  While many would think that latter purpose is for […]

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And I thought it was bunk

by Susan Olsen January 28, 2013
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What’s all this about Representative Pantaloons?

by Susan Olsen January 24, 2013

Women are entitled to their choice of undergarments and even if these are an odd choice for a mature woman, we should not be disrespectful. Some day, we will all get old and…excuse me, you’re saying she’s a elected state representative?  You’re saying she’s the chair of a house committee dealing with deadly serious subjects?  That she […]

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