Gun Free Zone

O’Keefe Embarasses Democrat Gun Grabbers

by Mike July 12, 2016

They’re back!! Just like they embarrassed the New York newspaper who wanted to ‘out’ gun owners by publishing addresses, The Project Veritas finds that Congressional staffers aren’t so keen to advertise their lack of armaments as they are to take away yours – hmmm…. When everybody is disarmed, only criminals and government (but I repeat […]

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Chicagoland on Record Pace for Murders in 2016

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2016
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News from the progressive gun-free utopia that is Chicago. The number of homicides so far this year in Chicago climbed past 100 over the weekend, the deadliest start to a year in the city in nearly two decades, according to statistics kept by the Police Department and the Tribune. At least two people were killed and […]

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Would it Kill You to Just Shut Up and Accept Democrat Gun Policy? Yes, Actually it Might.

by Steve MacDonald December 3, 2015
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Once again disarmed citizens in a gun free zone were left helpless. The left’s response to the tragedy is more gun laws but if it were not for “more gun laws” someone or several someones at the event might have been armed. Ask yourself this question. If law abiding gun owners were armed and present […]

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Wait. What?

by Susan Olsen October 3, 2015

“Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms (including but not limited to BB guns, air guns, water pistols, and paint guns) ammunition, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any other objects as weapons on college property, except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations, is prohibited. Possession of knives with a blade longer than 4” is […]

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And Iran won’t cheat on the Obama’s Nuke deal, either

by Skip August 22, 2015

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)

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Doctor Who Shot Spree Killer Gets His Job Back

by Steve MacDonald July 27, 2014
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Dr. Silverman stopped a spree killer by choosing to exercise his second amendment rights, despite a Delaware County hospital campus policy prohibiting firearms.  Dr. Silverman shot Richard Plotts after Plotts chose the victim zone and opened fire, killing a case worker.  Plotts just assumed he would have a force monopoly.  Turns out he was wrong. Silverman, […]

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Twitter Plug In Test – (Again!)

by Steve MacDonald May 3, 2014

Just testing the Twitter plugin again.  It appears to be working now. hey @Conservativeind I made you something. #nhpolitics — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) April 30, 2014

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Another Brookline, NH Democrat Talking Point Busted

by Steve MacDonald April 30, 2014
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Another Brookline, NH Democrat Talking Point Busted…  “Guns don’t kill people, Democrat Gun Free Zones kill People.” The only place in town where a mass shooter might possibly have some expectation of success in Kennesaw, Georgia, (where every adult is required by law to own a firearm) is the FedEx facility in town which FedEx […]

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Once again, a “Gun Free Zone”

by Skip April 29, 2014

The arrow points to a “Gun Free Zone” sign at the FedEx facility in Kennesaw, GA.  It looks like the criminal who wounded 6 others (allegedly with Joe Biden’s choice of weapon – a shotgun) before killing himself really obeyed that sign. (H/T: Big Government)

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Biden, “If it only saves one life.” Except, don’t do what works ….

by Don February 1, 2013

  Newsflash Atlanta….  Yesterday a youth intent on shooting fellow students at Atlanta’s Price Middle School was stopped by the school’s “Gun Free Zone” sign.  Well, not really, that is just the fantasy that liberals want people to believe. Actually after wounding multiple people, the shooter was stopped, not by the “Gun Free Zone” sign, but […]

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NH House A Gun Free Zone

by Steve MacDonald January 2, 2013

By a vote of 196 to 153, the New Hampshire House voted to make their little corner of heaven a gun free zone.  Six (r)epublicans voted with the Democrats to ban citizens from carrying firearms in Representatives Hall and the House gallery.   Belknap County – Dennis Fields, Sanborton Carroll County – Karel Crawford, Center […]

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“Gun Free Zone” is a Misnomer

by Don December 19, 2012

A researcher on the radio indicates that since 1950 each instance of public mass killings, except for one, where more than 3 people were killed has been in a “gun free zone”. It would be more appropriate to call a “gun free zone” something else, maybe: “easy victim zone”, “easy kill zone”, “easy way to fame zone”, “shoot ducks in a […]

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Take the Poll!!Would You Let Your 4th Grader…

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2011

…go to the State House now that it is not a gun free zone? Hell yes! (or my 5th grader, or 8th Grader or 9th Grader…..) The Londonderry News has a poll on their front page, about half way down on the right side.  Go.  Take it.  Make their server crash with your votes!

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