Gun Free Zone

Biden, “If it only saves one life.” Except, don’t do what works ….

by Don February 1, 2013

  Newsflash Atlanta….  Yesterday a youth intent on shooting fellow students at Atlanta’s Price Middle School was stopped by the school’s “Gun Free Zone” sign.  Well, not really, that is just the fantasy that liberals want people to believe. Actually after wounding multiple people, the shooter was stopped, not by the “Gun Free Zone” sign, but […]

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NH House A Gun Free Zone

by Steve MacDonald January 2, 2013

By a vote of 196 to 153, the New Hampshire House voted to make their little corner of heaven a gun free zone.  Six (r)epublicans voted with the Democrats to ban citizens from carrying firearms in Representatives Hall and the House gallery.   Belknap County – Dennis Fields, Sanborton Carroll County – Karel Crawford, Center […]

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“Gun Free Zone” is a Misnomer

by Don December 19, 2012

A researcher on the radio indicates that since 1950 each instance of public mass killings, except for one, where more than 3 people were killed has been in a “gun free zone”. It would be more appropriate to call a “gun free zone” something else, maybe: ”easy victim zone”, “easy kill zone”, ”easy way to fame zone”, ”shoot ducks in a […]

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Take the Poll!!Would You Let Your 4th Grader…

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2011

…go to the State House now that it is not a gun free zone? Hell yes! (or my 5th grader, or 8th Grader or 9th Grader…..) The Londonderry News has a poll on their front page, about half way down on the right side.  Go.  Take it.  Make their server crash with your votes!

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