Gun Confiscation

“Criminals won’t register their guns and shootings will continue”

by Skip May 19, 2018

BY TERRY STEWART “They simply aren’t wired to connect the dots to the logical conclusion that no amount of laws will stop evil people from doing evil things…. …for the anti-gun fanatics, shootings are the gift that keeps giving I’ve known Terry for a few years now as we both served on our hamlet’s Budget […]

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But WAIT! WAIT! Jan Schmidt – there is no NRA in Australia!

by Skip May 12, 2018

“According to the AP, this could be the worst mass killing that Australia has seen in 22 years.“ Ah yes, the Progressives/anti-Constitution folks just can’t live up to their own words of “tolerance” and “inclusion” when it comes to others, not of their own mind. Especially with Obama’s bitter clingers to their Bibles and their guns gaffe. […]

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Once again, Tucker Carlson shows that the Left CAN’T answer a straight forward question: what will happen when you confiscate guns from law abiding citizens?”

by Skip April 9, 2018

So this Georgia lawmaker,  State Rep. Erica Thomas, went on Tucker Carlson in defense right after the first March for Our Lesser Rights Lives rallies and rightfully took the kids to task for not understanding that complex problem do not have simple answers. He had a simple question: what would happen in Georgia if a […]

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It was written for a reason and it ain’t for plinking or hunting

by Skip April 6, 2018

Yep, this should scare us all now that Progressives are openly saying this (and Milquetoast Republicans going along with their other tactic of “Death by a 1,000 cuts”) as in “Politics is all about compromising”). There should be no compromise at all by those of us that believe in what the original text of the […]

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Yeah, sure – they don’t want to take our guns….until they do

by Skip April 5, 2018

“You don’t need that” is the Progressive drive to wall you into their world – and disallow your’s. Just like the Kabuki Safety Theater we see in airports (where because of one lout trying to blow up a plane we all have to expose our smelly / holey socks to the world) (emphasis mine, reformatted): […]

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The Narrative really is “of COURSE, they are looking to take your guns away”

by Skip February 21, 2018

That bit in the Constitution about “shall not be infringed” – meh, only a technicality or “guidance” (at best) (H/T: Newbusters) Here’s a few other morsels of “we aren’t going going to take away your guns”…

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by Skip October 15, 2017

JUST DO SOMETHING! No, that is, in a lot of cases, the WRONG thing to do. The only knock that I have on Tucker Carlson as an interviewer is that he allows his guests to talk over him especially when they are refusing to answer a pointed question that they know will ruin their narrative.  […]

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Have the Democrats thought through their civilian disarmament enough?

by Skip October 14, 2017

It would mean that only Government had the guns.  If the British redcoats HAD disarmed the Patriots at Lexington and Concord (like the Democrats want to do), would we even have a United States of America? Note to Democrats: ask yourselves this question. Would history repeat itself?  You keep saying that the US Military would […]

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Never let a crisis go to waste – the Dems are FULL of gun control wishes since Las Vegas

by Skip October 11, 2017

Some didn’t even let the bodies cool – it is Progressive partisanship at its worst.  No time for actual reflection, no time for grief, and no “safe space” for the victims’ families.  Instead, even as the bodies were still on the ground, they went full political.  AWR Hawkins has the list: The Democrats cannot stop themselves […]

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So Zandra-Rice Hawkins LIES about the end game of gun control – confiscation

by Skip October 8, 2017

Boy, does this segue well from my previous post about Progressives lying in “the means justifies the end”. I DVR’d WMUR’s CLOSEUP as I usually do and I know for a fact that the anti-gunners DO want a complete confiscation of any and all civilian firearms: “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. […]

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Who wants to take away your guns? This Democrat National Committee member

by Skip June 8, 2016

There is no doubt that there are those on the Left that want to disarm the American populace (e.g.,Senator Feinstein (D-CA) for one who has said as much in the past). I am quite sure that if Hillary gains the Oval Office, she will do what she can to defenestrate the Second Amendment via regulations […]

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by Skip December 20, 2015

“Fear a Government that fears your guns“ It is clear that after the Democrat Presidential Primary Debate last night, the Democrats trying to be Numero Uno fear an armed populace.  Pretty much, I can’t think of a Socialist Government that ever has. When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, […]

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“Hitler’s Rant on Connecticut Gun Registration”

by Skip March 13, 2014

We’ve written on this before – the governed in Connecticut have begun to withdraw their consent from the governing over the draconian laws that basically made them felons overnight for simply keeping firearms that they may have had for decades with no problems.  They are upset that they are being made to feel and have […]

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

by Susan Olsen January 30, 2014

After today’s sub-committee “hearing” on HB 1589, Universal Background Checks, I am saddened to have to admit to myself that any foolish beliefs I held about representative government and due process are the stuff of children’s dreams. I’ve always liked to believe that I am a logical, rational person who is able to connect dots; […]

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Testimony of Ian Underwood on HB 1589

by Susan Olsen January 21, 2014

Today in Representative Hall, Ian Underwood presented the testimony below to the Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  Eyes widened. “Article 2A of the NH Constitution clearly states that: All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state. It doesn’t say ‘some‘ persons. […]

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State of the Gun Control Debate

by Rick Olson November 25, 2013

“I don’t believe people should be able to own guns,”—President Barack H. Obama (Then Professor of law in Chicago speaking to John Lott) In case anyone should still have doubts that our sitting President is a charlatan, one needs only to look to his activities over the past year. In the aftermath of the Washington […]

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Yet another NH Legislator who hates guns and those that own them – and is determined to take them away

by Skip October 6, 2013

Am reading down through the list of LSRs – thoughts of our legislators for bills for the upcoming session.  Well, we see that at least ONE person hates the idea that law abiding Citizens can’t be trusted with firearms without yet one more database kept on its citizens. 014-H-2205-R title: banning assault weapons and large-capacity […]

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That worked out well, didn’t it?

by Skip April 25, 2013

(H/T: Robert)

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Feinstein lets the cat out of the bag: Progressives want to take away ALL semi-automatic firearms

by Skip April 21, 2013

I spent this afternoon at a gathering of good friends where the purpose was to get out of the house, have a chance to yak, consume some good comestibles – and shoot guns!  Handguns, long guns; small calibers and larger ones (not quite .50 cal, but long range); semiautomatics, revolvers, and bolt action.  I’ve shot […]

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A preview of gun registration coming to the U.S.

by Tim Condon April 6, 2013
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A use of the Fifth Amendment to protect the Second

by Skip February 17, 2013

US Senator Diane Feinstein and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo have infamously said that they would be fine with an outright confiscation of citizens firearms.  We do see talk of Government officials, via either official or de facto gun registration databases, coming to demand peoples’s guns.  Some have mentioned voluntary gun buybacks (which I would be […]

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Zero Hedge and “the machinations of a single party system”

by Tim Condon February 16, 2013

Zero Hedge is a blog that according to Wikipedia “reports on economics, Wall Street, and the financial sector.” In 2009 it exposed the practice of “flash trading” by Goldman Sachs’ to gain what were said to be unfair profits. In 2012 Zero Hedge had almost 2 million readers a month, a number that is apparently growing. Today an […]

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California leads the way again!

by Tim Condon February 10, 2013

If you support further restrictions on keeping and carrying guns, you’re in for a treat. If you think gun control laws make you safe, developments in California will make you want to move there. If any of these proposed laws pass, you really will want to move. Read on….

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Disarming America, Moving Toward Tyranny?

by Rick Olson January 7, 2013

“People love conspiracy theories.” —Neil Armstrong Not so much. Yes…The internet is awash with all sorts of conspiracy theories that spin tales of how the government is going to disarm the populace and tyranny shall rule the day. A considerable amount of what is out there amount to no more than “Tin-foiled hat-wearing” doomsayers who probably […]

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The Nashua Telegraph Has An Integrity Deficit

by Rick Olson December 31, 2012

“There is hardly any mental misery worse than that of having our own serious phrases, our own rooted beliefs, caricatured by a charlatan or a hireling.” —George Eliot Two days ago, the Nashua Telegraph wrote an Editorial asking, “Why does the NRA fear truth about guns?” Upon carefully reading the article and researching the sources (or […]

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Gun Confiscation, “Could Be An Option”

by Rick Olson December 28, 2012

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  —George Orwell  In my last post just only hours ago, I posited the notion that Gun Guntrol advocates are, in fact “Coming for our Guns.” During a radio interview New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

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No Firearms Ban Coming? Think Again.

by Rick Olson December 27, 2012

“If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!” —California Senator Diane Feinstein, appearing on NBC News’ 60 Minutes, February  5, 1995 When reading the above quote, which time was Senator Feinstein being sincere? When she said this in 1995? Or, when she said recently, […]

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