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Tina Toon: Trump Puts The Hammer Down For Originalism

by Mike July 10, 2018

Donald Trump has definitely grown into the job, and it was clear he had done his homework when he introduced with obvious pride, his second Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh. It was particularly significant that both Trump and Judge Kavanaugh emphasized fidelity to the text of the Constitution and the law in question, in order […]

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Happy 4th of July! Hope Your Fireworks Are Better Than These…

by Mike July 4, 2018

A graphic illustration of the lefties’ damp squibs – A Tina Toon from Grrr Graphics: Tina is Ben Garrison’s wife, and Grrr Graphics is looking increasingly like a family enterprise, with even their son chipping in blog posts.

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Scott Israel as “The Browardly Lion”

by Mike February 27, 2018

Ben Garrison nails the topic as we learn more about the cowardice, cronyism, and left-wing agenda of the Broward Coward County Sheriff’s Dept The news continues to get worse for Clinton/Obama supporter and gun-grabber, Scott Israel. Not only did CNN’s Jake Tapper grill the Sheriff to a crisp in a recent interview, but Buzzfeed, yes, […]

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Bearded Marxist Tops Fake News Awards

by Mike January 18, 2018

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning ‘economist’, far to the left of John Maynard Keynes, won Trump’s Fake News Awards for the biggest whopper of the year: “The Economy will never recover from Trump’s election!” Cartoon by Ben Garrison Once upon a time, there was a Communist Democrat from Delaware who called himself ‘a bearded Marxist.’ […]

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Garrison’s Twelve Days Of Trumpmass

by Mike December 29, 2016

Ben Garrison is an excellent cartoonist with an eye for detail that keeps on giving, rather like the best kids’ books have detail that keeps the grown-ups smiling even as they read a story for the 100th time. Since he punctures liberals and statists so well, trolls have gone to great lengths to sully his […]

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Why Trump Won – By Ben Garrison

by Mike November 9, 2016

Simply put: A compelling vision of a better America with the Rule of Law and less government/corruption (both words ARE synonymous, aren’t they?). Add in a lower probability of dangerous foreign brinkmanship, and the appeal was sufficiently widespread that a few blue states flipped to red. (Shame about increasingly liberal NH, though) Cartoon by Ben […]

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