Is Gov. Hassan Afraid To Answer The Question?

by GrokWatch News Desk September 8, 2015

Max Ledoux | GrokWatch News Desk I’ve been trying to get Maggie Hassan’s office to say whether or not she’s seen undercover videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. The videos—both the edited versions and the full, unedited footage—have been available online since mid-July. They show top-level Planned Parenthood doctors and administrators haggling over […]

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Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections?

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2012

Judge Lewis made it legal for out of state residents to vote in New Hampshire.  It’s not quite that simple but he essentially legalized out of state voter influence on your local election (vote fraud) which is not actually a new idea but may have been executed on a massive scale this week. Now you’d […]

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Small Victory In Merrimack – re: NHSBA

by Steve MacDonald September 5, 2012

In a recent legal decision provided to the Merrimack School Superintendent and Board, it has been determined that what the New Hampshire School Board Association (NHSBA) does.. a) Is lobbying. “Dean Michener is employed by NHSBA and is a registered lobbyist.  Thus, it would seem to be a foregone conclusion that NHSBA is engaged in […]

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GrokTV: Rochester City Council Public input on “Sustainable Communities Initiative”- Ken Eyring

by Skip August 23, 2012

Ken’s mission at the Rochester City Council meeting( as it sought Public Input on its signing onto the NH version of the Federal Government’s Sustainable Communities Initiative (“SCI”), also known locally as The Granite State Future Plan) was to start connecting the dots between all of the groups that are pushing, advocating, and agitating for […]

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GrokWATCH: Right To Know Request – Water Sustainability Commission – Update 2

by Skip August 14, 2012

As I said yesterday, I had requested a contract between the State of NH and Water Sustainability Commission / Synchrony Advisors, LLC, but was informed that there was none.  So, on August 2, I asked for additional information from Synchrony Advisors, LLC as to the WSC’s activities, especially their financial ones.  Note the time stamp […]

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A Jail Sentence For Drinking Water

by Rick Olson August 10, 2012

“All oppression creates a state of war.”  —Simone de Beauvoir On Wednesday, July 25 Skip featured a Guest Post from Ken Eyring. The central thesis of Mr. Eyring’s post was that the NH Water Sustainability Commission gave a low-profile public notice seeking input from the public regarding management of  Granite State water resources over the next 25 […]

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Leave It To Beavers

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2012

The big news today is the disappearance of an entire pond in Hollis, New Hampshire.  The town decided to breach a dam, which drained Hayden Reservoir, becasue it was cheaper than keeping it and paying for the work to meet the sharia-law like standards, tithing, and annual tribute demanded by the New Hampshire Department of […]

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GrokWATCH: Right To Know Request – Water Sustainability Commission public surveys

by Skip August 2, 2012

Two days ago, we launched our newest Right To Know series concerning Gov. Lynch’s Water Sustainability Commission – that which was ordered into existence by Executive Order: Good afternoon, Having just taken your survey, I have a question:  will you be publishing all of the surveys taken so as to validate the summary result?  Like […]

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You Can Force A Public School Student to Pay for a ‘Healthy Lunch’ But You Can’t Make Them Eat It.

by Steve MacDonald July 25, 2012

Would you be at all surprised to learn that public school students who buy lunch in Public School cafeterias are–after a fashion–getting around the USDA Federal requirement that they consume certain foods with their meal? Would you be more or less surprised to learn that the federal mandated will cost you as parents and taxpayers […]

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Anonymous Allegations?

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2012

Over at the Concord Monitor web site, someone going by the name of ItsaRepublic, has been doing some very heavy lifting for GraniteGrok.  They have gone to bat for us on our investigation of Public Employees who have been using the Monitor’s web site, during office hours, at taxpayer expense.  Not exactly a friendly environment […]

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Hide and Go Seek

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2012

The editorial in this morning’s Union Leader visits two problems we’ve had in spades around here of late.  A public body unwilling to part with public information and School superintendents. What’s worse than a public body denying access to an investigator’s report that was paid for with taxpayer money? Hiring a lawyer to fight the […]

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Morse Code – It’s A Double Dip In Oyster River

by Steve MacDonald May 21, 2012

“Sometimes, life throws you some curves.”  That was the response “retiring” Portland Maine School District Superintendent Dr. James Morse gave to the press and the public after announcing that he had taken a job as the Superintendent of the Oyster River Cooperative district in New Hampshire. “Sometimes, life throws you some curves.” But we can […]

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Smart Girl Politics – The Podcast

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2012

Last Thursday I was a guest/co-host on WSMN 1590,  Smart Girl Politics Radio with Susan Olsen.  We spoke about GrokWatch, some of what we’ve investigated so far, and what the goals are for this project.  We also discussed some bureaucratic objections to photo ID laws for voting and my objections to their objection.   If […]

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Smart Girl Politics Radio – On ‘Everything’

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2012

From 10-11am this morning I will be guest co-hosting Smart Girl Politics with Susan Olsen on WSMN 1590 AM.   We will be discussing everything so pay attention. There is a slight possibility that we may not get to “everything” in one hour so thinning it out to topics like GrokWatch, ‘Julia’ and the war […]

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Do Retired School Superintendents Ever Really Retire?

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2012

Starting in July of 2012, Mr. Irwin Sussman will begin his new job as the Superintendent of SAU#43 ( Croydon-Newport), a not so curious turn of events for a man who recently “retired” after 40 years working in public education in New York State.  (Last week, you may recall, we introduced you to Robert Sullivan.  […]

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NH Has a Business Finance Authority

by Steve MacDonald May 10, 2012

  Bill Walker has a great article over at Bedford Patch on the New Hampshire Business Fiance Authority. According to the first page of the 2011 Annual Report, the BFA has transferred over 1.4 billion dollars from we lazy, undeserving taxpayers (and all holders of dollar balances) to those who truly earned the money (by […]

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New Hampshire’s SAU 21 Hooked A Double-Dipper

by Steve MacDonald May 10, 2012

Meet Robert M. Sullivan.  Mr Sullivan, at the age of 58 ( I believe),  ‘retired’ as the Superintendent of the Middleboro Massachusetts School District, where he was earning 128,000.00 per year.  But like many “retired” public school superintendents, he didn’t stay retired for very long.  He’s currently the Superintendent for the six schools that make up […]

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The Complete Gaia Comment Stream

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2012

New Hampshire Public Employee Gaia managed to read, consume, and then comment at the Concord Monitor’s web site some 1200 times in just three years, more often than not during office hours. (Just to clarify this lastpoint, a super majority of time during office hours.) We could guess that they were doing it during one […]

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New Hampshire Bureaucrats Behaving Badly? Introducing GrokWatch

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2012

No one respects found money, and there is nothing more abundantly “found” in its appearance than the millions and billions bilked from taxpayers every year to “run state and local government.” In the midst of that relationship, between producers and their wallets, are the hordes of bureaucrats, too many of whom are taking advantage of […]

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