Grok 3.0

Grok 3.0 – A Brief Tour

The latest iteration of is up and running. We’ll admit that we were going to wait a few more days, but something happened on 2.0 that made us wonder if that site, an old style with old security, had been compromised. We opted to go live and debug on the fly. Now that we …

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Grok 3.0 – so where is it?

Well, it is taking a bit more time than we thought but a lot of progress has been made over the last two weeks.  There’s some “under the hood” work still left to be done but the general outline is pretty much set (albeit with test data from a while ago).  A lot of our …

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Grok 3.0 – It’s almost time!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this and, finally, it’s almost here.  A lot of background work has been done by Perceptions Studio and yesterday was a massively long prototyping session as to how it will all fit together.  We think