“With resistance like that” in Grafton….

by Tim Condon April 16, 2013

I blogged about the latest brouhaha (and threatened lawsuit) in the Free Town of Grafton yesterday; the fight was caused by hubris and abuse of local power in my small hometown. So in the last 24 hours people have been asking me “Why are they acting like that?” I told ’em to re-read the posting. […]

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And in the Free Town of Grafton…a story of abuse of small-town government power

by Tim Condon April 15, 2013

A month or two ago I blogged about those magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire. That was when an alliance…

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Calvin Coolidge Comes to Grafton, Part I

by Tim Condon March 17, 2013

Calvin Coolidge, President from 1923 through 1928, was a famous skinflint from Vermont. He didn’t believe in today’s political-class sport of incessant taxing and spending to win elections (Grokster Steve MacDonald has recently highlighted this excellent president HERE). Coolidge was so adept at refusing the pigs at the political trough in his time that he insisted […]

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The magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire

by Tim Condon February 14, 2013

I have written and spoken in the past that because of the Free State Project, “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States.” (State Rep. Cynthia Chase—a statist transplant from statist Rhode Island—recently reinforced that view with her public outburst that “Free Staters are the single biggest threat New Hampshire […]

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The Free Town of Grafton: “Spread your wings and break away, Lloyd….”

by Tim Condon October 18, 2012

This is a very nice short film about my home town of Grafton, New Hampshire, the southernmost town in the Free State with no zoning. There is no better place to live south of the notches, and no finer people inhabiting any town anywhere. Shot almost entirely at the annual Grafton Apple Festival—largely at the church […]

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