Speaking of Ed Comeau…this is GREAT fun!

by Skip December 22, 2014

Like I just said here, ‘Grok friend Ed Comeau (he of the “big honkin’ camera”) goes to a multitude of local and state boards and commissions to record their meetings.  I can tell you with great authority when someone sees that staring at them, knowing that someone is going to watch that video, you can […]

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Honor Your Oath rally – Ed has a good summary video

by Skip April 17, 2013

Ed runs GovernmentOversite – a site that is a labor of love in bringing citizen journalism via video to the public by going to board meeting after commission meeting after public hearing.  He was at the rally and here is his compendium of the afternoon: (H/T: GovernmentOversite)

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GovernmentOversite: NHListens / Granite State Future – another viewpoint

by Skip March 19, 2013

Both the ‘Grok and GovernmentOversite went to the same event last week: a “listening” session conducted by NHListens (an offsoot of the Carsey Institute at UNH, where “Carsey” is the uber-Progressive TV producer, Marsey Carsey).  Here is the video that ‘Grok friend Ed over at put together over at GovernmentOversite (a mashup of some of […]

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GrokTV: NHListens / Granite State Future – Circle “BBBB” Parts 1, 2, & 3

by Skip March 17, 2013

After talking with Tim Carter of the Lakes Region TEA Party and listening to the Intro remarks by John Krebs and Molly Donovan, it was time to start observing “how” the “what” was going to happen.  As I said in the Intro post, I was not there to participate but to merely observe.  To recap […]

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NH .223 Day of Resistance – Video Summary

by Skip February 26, 2013

‘Grok friend Ed Comeau runs GovernmentOversite – his specialty is taking his GINORMOUS video camera to various public meetings and just recording the meeting – especially at those meetings where public officials (elected and appointed) have never had a Very Bright Flashlight recording their actions and words in high definition (yes, he brings microphones and […]

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