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“Defending NH’s Public Education” Monopoly

by Susan Olsen March 13, 2013

So what it is about Christianity that Mr. Duncan dislikes so much? For starters, let’s look at that old bugaboo ‘The 10 Commandments”: Does he oppose the one that says we shouldn’t kill? How about the one that says we shouldn’t lie? Or how about the one that says we shouldn’t steal? Or maybe it’s […]

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GrokTV – Panel Discussion: Making your vote count – Q&A Part 2

by Skip December 9, 2012

Continuing on with the Q & A session from yesterday’s Panel Discussion: Request to GraniteGrok: can you do some video lessons on how to do”voting stuff”? Frustration with the NH GOP Losing the vote due to the culture in the Government schools A shoutout to which is doing yeoman’s work on covering the Federal […]

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Our destructive government schools…

by Tim Condon September 27, 2012

…and why we desperately need competition and alternatives. This from today’s Wall Street Journal (bless those WSJ editorial pages!) where the owner of an employment agency writes in to explain that there are “jobs going begging” because applicants lack extraordinarily basic skills that public schools have failed to inculcate. Those “skills”? Well, it’s almost ridiculous to use that […]

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