Gov. Chris Sununu

Yes, Jim Rubens and I had a bit of a dust up over his calling for Corporate Welfare

by Skip July 12, 2018

Steve alluded to it here and I DID have the intention of putting up the thread but, well, with the start of putting in new technology, things rolled off my “table” as it were. It was all about Gov. Sununu doing the right thing and denying wood electrical generational plants a subsidy.  No, not one […]

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Quick Thought: HB 1319 – asked and answered

by Skip June 10, 2018

As to Gov. Chris “Supporting the Democrat Agenda Identity Group politics against the NH GOP” in signing HB1319, I was asked earlier today: Where do you stand? Answer:  It demands coerced speech and behavior from those that do not believe that a man can simply announce that he is a woman and MUST refer to […]

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Oh Good Lord – are the DC Republicans THIS bad that they don’t know what to do???

by Skip June 5, 2018

Even this headline from the Daily Mail (yep, a BRITISH newspaper)should make one think: truly, can they govern (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Senate Republicans are unsure what to do between now and November – so they’re polling THEMSELVES for ideas Republican Senators are unsure of what to do between now and the November election so they’re […]

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So Gov. Sununu appoints an anti-gun high-schooler to be “Guv for a day”?

by Skip May 24, 2018

Hey, Second Amendment supporters, tell me what the message is from Chris Sununu to y’all for this (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Student Who Organized Anti-Gun Walkout Chosen To Be ‘Governor for a Day’ New Hampshire’s Republican governor has chosen a student who organized an anti-gun walkout at her high school in March as the winner of […]

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Let me amplify what Steve said for the Stupid Party that fails to listen to its own base

by Skip May 22, 2018

Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Walt Haverstein; remember them? Sometimes, Steve buries the really good stuff at the bottom of his posts – let me haul a good nibblet from his latest post up from the deep (emphasis mine): So, after Gov. Sununu signs HB1319, which we hear he has promised the local actors for the […]

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It’s Time To Stand For Something, Governor

by Mike May 10, 2018

Whilst claiming that HB 1319, the Gender Identity bill is a flawed piece of legislation, Gov Chris Sununu has indicated publicly that he will sign it when it reaches his desk, effectively declaring that this is not the hill to die on. I respectfully disagree from having talked to many women in NH, especially, but […]

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Catching up Part 4 – NHDP Chair Ray “Bomb the Hague” Buckley throws the “You will be made to care” card at Sununu

by Skip October 23, 2017

That would be gay Ray “Bomb the Hague” Buckley of the militant LGBTQRSTUV (and whatever other letters have been added this week – I’m too busy to keep up) wing of the Democrat Party that will use any and all issues.  In this case, he decides to use the Democrat Cultural Marxism tactic of  “you’re […]

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No kidding, Sherlock: HHS head: GOP health bill could result in $820M N.H. Medicaid cut

by Skip September 23, 2017

“But in the end, Meyers added, the New Hampshire DHHS – like the rest of the country this week – lies at the whim of Congressional forces.” They never seem to learn the rather straight forward lesson of “with strings attached”, do they?  And the other one is “he who has the gold doesn’t have […]

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