“Go GOP, right?”

by Susan Olsen June 29, 2015

Again, I wish I could write stuff like this. “We’re Living In The United States Of Calvinball. It’s Time The Right Got In The Game. —DrewM. “Other kids’ games are all such a bore! They’ve gotta have rules and they gotta keep score! Calvinball is better by far! It’s never the same! It’s always bizarre! […]

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A Seat At Our Table

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2015
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It amuses me to no end when Republicans (individuals, groups, so-called advocates, candidates, politicians, party leadership) tell us that we must compromise on our principles to “have a seat at the table.” Compromise is part of politics but shouldn’t we be looking for leaders who are more interested in getting the opposition to sit at our […]

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History Repeats – Ace of Spades

by Susan Olsen June 12, 2015

Posted in its entirety because it is so worth the read: “Apparently, for TPA (the fast track authority) to pass, it was necessary that the TAA pass alongside it, and the latter failed, so they’re in limbo. Some people whom I respect are arguing in favor of TPP (TPA is the legislation that puts it […]

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So Much For Republican Unity

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2015
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Former House rep George Lambert joins us to discuss the Republican war against one of their own in New Hampshire. We talk about the players and the political cost at the local level, all (apparently) so Senator Ayotte can clear the battle space to run for re-election as a RINO. Listen to the entire program […]

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GrokTALK! – David Bozell on Amnesty, The NSA, and Republicans

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2015
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David Bozell from ForAmerica is back to discuss the recent 5th circuit ruling on Executive Amnesty. We also discuss lousy Republican leadership in Congress, and Rand Paul being all he can be in his fight against NSA spying. Listen to the entire program here Follow us on YouTube,USTREAM, Facebook, and Twitter …and take us with you oniTunes, iHeart Radio, Spreaker,TuneIn, or Stitcher.

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Notable Quote – Ace

by Susan Olsen June 2, 2015

“Political unions don’t fall apart because of dissidents and heretics; there are always dissidents and heretics. Political unions fall apart because the Establishment, the leadership, the allegedly cool hands at the wheel, prove themselves to be incompetent and let once-mendable tears and rips become irreparable.” Printed in its entirety, read the whole thing!

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The True Party of Diversity

by Scott Morales April 14, 2015

h/t Ricochet

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Matthew Dowd: icky Culture War this religious stuff – just shut up.

by Skip April 5, 2015

On This Week with George Stephanopolus (4/5) was another great example of an Establishment Republican, Matthew Dowd (Republican strategiest, according to This Week), of the absolute distaste of the Beltway R Elite not wanting even engage in anything that gets in the way of “we can’t make it smaller but we can manage Govt better” […]

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Updated – Yvonne Dean-Bailey Wins Special Election Primary

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2015
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Update – Added vote totals Yvonne Dean-Bailey, who was a GrokTALK! guest back on Feb 27, has won her primary in Rockingham County District 32 (Candia, Deerfield, Northwood, and Nottingham). Yvonne now advances to the special election on May 19th against Democrat Maureen Mann. GOP Press Release Our earlier interview with Yvonne

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Open letter to Fergus Cullen and his GOP Establishment

by GrokWatch News Desk March 25, 2015

Kathy Dunton | GrokWatch News Desk I had been hoping that you and your people would have figured it out by now, but I guess it needs to be explained to you, and others that have lost their way. Recently, Presidential Candidate Rand Paul made the comment that NH cannot seem to get a Republican […]

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Laurie Sanborn Wouldn’t Toe Jaspers Line – Gets the Boot

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2015
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This isn’t new or unusual but given the tolerance promised in the age of the Jaspercrats–which is to say none: Republican Majority leadership less tolerant of Republicans than Democrat Majority leadership ever was– this seems appropriate. Rep. Laurie Sanborn was removed this morning from the House Finance Committee for her refusal to support the leadership's […]

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Notable Quote – Ace of Spades

by Susan Olsen March 20, 2015

“Yes, Establishment GOP, you can teach us that you will always lie to us, stab us in the back, humiliate us and crush us; but if you teach us that, be aware we are learning another lesson, too. Not just that “The Establishment Will Always Crush You,” but the lesson that There is no hope […]

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Ted Cruz Event Live Stream – Strafford County Republicans

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2015
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We are live from the Strafford County Republican Chili and Chat with guest speaker Senator Ted Cruz. Live broadcast by UstreamIf you don’t see it here, you can always watch it at here. Today on GrokTALK!

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Liberty & Freedom folks, revisit how & WHY you vote for Republicans

by Skip March 10, 2015

I’ve been calling what the elected Republicans have been doing in Concord (as in “we’ve been Jaspered”, as Steve has coined – Democrats pulling the strings of the Democrat appointed Speaker Jasper to get more favorable bills.  After all, if Jasper crosses the Dems, he’s out.  So we Republican voters are secondary to him and the resulting […]

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Collusion with Obama right from the get go on his Executive Amnesty from the Senate and House Republicans?

by Skip March 3, 2015

Don’t have any other explanation, because even stupidity doesn’t begin to explain it: We can also add the US House to that sentiment.  Boehner and Frank Guinta melted faster than Odo into his bucket.  (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Blogline of the Day: Sarah Palin (& she’s not talking about the Patriots)

by Skip January 22, 2015

“It’s not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now.“ The context after the jump – and there’s more than a few folk that agree with it

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The Rules Change on Roll Call Votes is A Smoking Gun

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2014
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One of the important debates in the shadow of Democrat elected Speaker Shawn Jasper’s (R-Hudson) ascension to the gavel is what degree of tolerance should conservatives have for Republicans disinclined to let the party platform temper their legislative passions.  Everyone had valid observations (in the email thread) up to a point but after reading a […]

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GrokTALK! Republicans Anonymous

by Steve MacDonald December 13, 2014

This week the Bloggers from are the guests as we explore the Conservatarian verses Establishment Republican throw-down nationally and in New Hampshire. And we announce our commitment to be the tip of the spear for those Republicans who’ve had enough of the GOP’s capitulation to media narratives and their support for the progressive agenda […]

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Ramirez Skewers GOP Leadership: “They Might Blame Us”

by Mike November 23, 2014
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“…just a little bit less bad than the Democrats” is not a strategy in governing

by Skip November 10, 2014

It’s intellectually weak, morally bankrupt, and self-delusion.  Selling oneself that way Sidenote: which, tangentially, was the basic theme of Walt Havenstein’s campaign – “I can manage it better”.  Perhaps true.  But it also shows a complete acceptance of the status quo.  Voters across the nation said “not enough” to that, a complete rejection of the Leftist […]

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Matt Kibbe – Freedomworks

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2014
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This is from Matt Kibbe at Freedomworks talking about the priorities of the GOP Establishment.  It sounds familiar… The GOP are all in Kansas trying to save Senator Pat Roberts, who doesn’t live in Kansas.  Sucking money from New Hampshire and Colorado.  GOP spent $40 million to save Mitch McConnell (in his primary in Kentucky) […]

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GrokTALK! The Political Evil In the Room

by Steve MacDonald October 7, 2014
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SNHU Professor Kevin Kervick started a massive debate on Facebook about where we should be directing our energy in the run up to the November Election, which he takes up with us in this segment of GrokTALK!  Do we let the GOP off and focus only on Democrats or should we turn up the heat […]

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GrokTALK! Live Stream for October 4th, 2014

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2014
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This week SNHU Professor Kevin Kervick Joins us to talk about Republican politics, party division, the 1000 comment facebook status update he started on the subject, and what that says about where we are just weeks before the November Elections.  There’s also  rumor that Brian Demyanich (Jen Horn’s pool guy) will be on, and perhaps […]

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“These are the people the GOP is losing. “

by Skip October 3, 2014

Yeah, One Note Skip – as I told Steve on his Shaheen posts, I’m on a “post roll” – a post, followed by another one, by another on the same topic; yer on a roll!  And I believe, on a very important topic that is splitting the NH GOP apart – more this cycle than most […]

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Dun, Dun – If Only The GOP Harassed Elected Members This Way!

by Mike October 3, 2014

Email, snail mail, phone – the GOP continues to hound the very same people whose opinions they rejected during Primary Season for “Membership Dues”. The GOP has no sense of self-awareness, and is completely oblivious to the fact that we, the grassroots, consider membership and dues to be voluntary and optional, and the Party is […]

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What if The GOP Wins Without Us?

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2014
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From Pete Ingemi ‘DaTechGuy.‘ But what (if) we stay home and they still win? What if the GOP fails to win NH & NC and loses Kansas and still manages to get the net +6 seats to win the senate and increases their lead in the house? If this happens what will happen to any […]

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GOP seeing the money dry up – and unwilling to voice the real reason

by Skip September 30, 2014

Once in a while (a rare while, I will post up a complete post from elsewhere – this time, from Bill Quick at Daily Pundit (via Instapundit) (emphasis mine): Stinking Chickens Coming Home to Roost for Gentry GOP Republicans See Money Drying Up in Final Weeks – The disparity has led to mounting frustration […]

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“wants them to just shut up and vote for whomever the Establishment decides”

by Skip September 30, 2014

More and more, I am seeing posts at the national level on a topic that I have been writing and talking about for months now: Trust.  The lack thereof.  From the grassroots to the Republican Establishment there is little Trust (or as I told someone tonite (so many calls tonite, very little blogging!) that having zero Trust […]

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Dun=Done: The GOP Bludgeons (Former) Members For Money

by Mike September 27, 2014

It wasn’t just one dunning email, it was a whole flurry of them, all with (in)famous names attached to the address: On Sep 25, 2014, at 13:03, “Speaker Boehner” <> wrote: Dear Michael, We’ve been emailing asking that you renew your membership for 2014. On Sep 24, 2014, at 13:35, “Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ” […]

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Is NH State Senator David Boutin the equivalent of “doddering” US Senator Pat Roberts?

by Skip September 20, 2014

Yes, the equivalency / similarities hit just as soon as I read it: THE NRSC’S WORK PROPPING UP DODDERING NONRESIDENT PAT ROBERTS WORKING OUT AS EXPECTED: In Kansas, Incumbent Pat Roberts Down 5 Points Against “Independent” Candidate. “This all raises a bigger question as to Roberts’ viability. He’s just a horrible campaigner, and doesn’t seem comfortable in his […]

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