Go ahead, google “Is Google biased?”

by Skip September 17, 2018

(image H/T: Powerline) And let me throw this headline out there from the founder of Twitter (emphasis mine):

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Net Neutrality – Because ‘They’ Want To Bring It Back!

by Steve MacDonald September 15, 2018

When the Trump administration encouraged the FCC to pull the plug on a Government regulated internet, they did just that. They got the government out of your “digital bedroom.” The usual suspects were outraged. But you don’t want the government regulating the internet like a utility. Not under any condition. And that includes crafting new […]

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Google – All in for Hillary? No – anybody / thing that’s NOT on the Right

by Skip September 14, 2018

Powerline has the right of it: “IT’S OFFICIAL: GOOGLE IS A DEMOCRATIC PARTY FRONT” Well!  It seems that all of Google were crying in their cups when Trump “stole” the Presidency from Hillary (“Not fair, it was HER turn and we were ALL with HER!”).  Brietbart got ahold of their TGIF video held after the […]

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I Have A Question For Google And Twitter

by Ed Naile September 14, 2018

I have a question about “the Russians” trying to overturn our “democracy” by posting fake news on websites – as leftists and the liberal fake news media claim they did in 2016. “By now, we know these fake accounts helped influence the latest U.S. presidential election. Automated bot accounts made up 18 percent of Twitter’s […]

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If it isn’t on “google”…….

by Susan Olsen September 4, 2018

Some guy on Facebook was berating me because, instead of simply asking the Attorney General’s himself office for copies of the recently released NH Senate investigation transcripts, the fact he couldn’t “google” them meant they didn’t exist.  He even suggested I might have made the whole thing up. So, for any of you who also […]

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If the Internet is a ‘Public Utility’ You Can’t Just Ban Alex Jones

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2018

I don’t pay any attention to Alex Jones. It’s not a value judgment he’s just not anywhere in my top-ten, twenty, or perhaps even 100 (500?) political talkers, writers, or thinkers for whom I make time. I am aware of him but not overly familiar. Others think he’s the bee’s knees. I’m not here to […]

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Intellectually, I knew this happens but to see it is another thing

by Skip June 13, 2018

…to actually see it on screen. I went to look for an image (DuckDuckGo doesn’t do the best of jobs for that so I picked Google) and after creating a new tab, this showed up: A bit too connected for my liking – the first three were cell phone calls I placed this afternoon while […]

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No, Google isn’t biased against conservatives. It just calls the GOP Nazis

by Skip May 31, 2018

To be precise, it was the California GOP (not exactly the MOST conservative of state-level GOP organizations) that Google labeled as Nazis: Less than a week before the California primary, Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party. In the “knowledge panel” that provides easy access to information next to search results, […]

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So Google says that Planned Parenthood is a PRO-life organization

by Skip March 4, 2018

This is what Google reports for a search for “pro-life organizations”.  Note who is Number 1 – yeah, sure Google. I replicated this search tonite at 8:27pm.  With it doing 328,348 child killing abortions in 2015-2016, how COULD Planned Parenthood ever be considered a “pro-life” organization?  This can’t be a mistake – it has to be deliberate […]

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Hey Nick – is this also not bias on the part of Google (who owns YouTube)??

by Skip January 20, 2018

OK, Nick Martin, another example; this one from RedState (again, and reformatted, emphasis mine): Dave Rubin Conducts YouTube Experiment Proving Google’s Anti-Capitalism Bias Google’s notoriety in the political bias department has been overtly undeniable as it continuously disadvantages right-learning or Christian thought. Thanks to one of YouTube’s most famous interview show host, Dave Rubin, we can […]

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And a reminder for commenter Nick Martin

by Skip January 20, 2018

(H/T: Powerline – just a whole lotta good memes from them today!) Yep, it is.  In fact, Nick (you who hold that Google has NO bias at all so SHUT UP), now even Google is saying “er, my bad” (reformatted, emphasis mine): Google says it is discontinuing its fact-check feature because it proved to be too faulty […]

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Nice to see the Liberal/Progressive bias from Google on a sitting US Senator

by Skip January 18, 2018

More on that stuff about Google “fact checking” sites but this time on a Republican US Senator – would they do this to, say, Dick Durban (D-IL) or Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)?  Hardly: Google refers to Republican senator David Perdue as ‘lying, unscrupulous politician. Wikipedia was cited as the source. It appears that the senator’s Wikipedia page […]

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Problem with Search

by Steve MacDonald December 11, 2017

If you are having trouble with the Google Search box at the top right, please use the secondary search box. It is in the right column below the multimedia box (has a video in it) and above the Podcast player. Sorry for any inconvenience. We’re working on a solution.

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Liberal Objection to Google’s Power Never Translates to their Obsession With Government

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2017

Gizmodo like most liberal mouthpieces, worries about the overreaching power of monopolistic behemoths like Google. Google started out as a company dedicated to ensuring the best access to information possible, but as it’s grown into one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, its priorities have changed. Even as it fights against ordinary […]

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U.C. Irvine Prof. Calls For Selective Censorship to Reign in ‘Cheap Speech’

by Steve MacDonald August 30, 2017

In an August, 18th Los Angeles Times Op-Ed, Richard L. Hasen, the Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science at UC Irvine, offered his insight into the problem of “cheap speech.” Framing the context in an opening paragraph that fingers White Supremacists in Charlottesville, President Trump’s twitter feed, and Facebook, Hasen warns, The rise of what […]

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Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: The “Memo” That Made The Media Flip Out

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2017

Did you hear about the deplorable memo some woman-hating Google engineer shared? The media being the media, redacted, cherry picked and excerpted their way into their very own echo chamber tizzy. In reality, “… a major purpose of the memo was to brainstorm ideas about how to make Google a more friendly environment for women without […]

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Google Accused Of Underpaying Female Employees

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2017

Make them play by their own rules. Just three days after Google announced that it had “closed the gender pay gap globally” on Equal Pay Day, a Department of Labor official testified in federal court that there is “systemic” discrimination against women at Google. Silicon Valley has often come under fire in recent years for […]

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Given the ideological “quality” of Google’s “quality raters”, I predict lowered rankings

by Skip March 20, 2017

for both the ‘Grok and most conservative websites that are willing to discuss and give rational dissent on political and Political Correctness issues, once again we all are going to take it where it hurts – inbound hits. The new “upsetting-offensive” flag instructs quality raters to “flag to all web results that contain upsetting or […]

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Twitter now banning James O’Keefe

by Skip October 13, 2016

The Left cannot tolerate dissent or opposition.  There can be no debate – only silencings. They say they want tolerance – and then show up with a flamethrower. So, right after Google / YouTube decided to block Prager U’s videos (H/T: Steve), we now have friend of the ‘Grok James O’Keefe letting us know that […]

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Press Release – YouTube Censoring Prager U Videos

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2016

Prager U’s videos have had over 70 million views. YouTube/Google, have decided a few of them should be restricted. Prager U released this press release today about the problem with a link to their petition to get the videos unrestricted. We’ve posted a good number of their videos here, so FYI… For Immediate Release Contact: Elisha […]

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From a double Blue Star Dad – thanks Google!

by Skip May 30, 2016

Yup, the liberal folks at Google showed their wonderful thanks to our veterans today: I put the red square around their beneficent acknowledgement just to make sure you didn’t miss it. Oh by the way, remember that last week Google decided to “honor” a US hating activist / Osama Bin Laden supporter, Yuri Kochiyama:

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What Does New Hampshire Have in Common with Arizona? Diarrhea

by Steve MacDonald May 29, 2016
Thumbnail image for What Does New Hampshire Have in Common with Arizona? Diarrhea

Google mapped out the most frequent “how to spell” searches by state, and New Hampshire’s word (along with Arizona) is Diarrhea. Feel free to speculate on why? It's the #spellingbee finals! These are the top "how to spell" searches for words by state, mapped #dataviz — GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) May 26, 2016  

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Censorship Effort in New Hampshire

by GrokWatch News Desk April 12, 2016

“Cop corrects liberal snitch who reported her political opponents (Concord, NH)” GrokWatch News Desk | Submitted by Dave Ridley What is probably one of New Hampshire’s top five most popular YouTube vids (above) faces attempted suppression. My million-hit clip shows a pro-Medicare-expansion activist on a public Concord sidewalk, reporting her political opponents to police because they […]

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GrokTALK! Gets its own Google+ Page

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2016
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! Gets its own Google+ Page

For those of you who use or prefer Google+, GrokTALK! has its own Google+ page now! There’s not much to check out yet but please put us in your circles… …because, at some point soon, we will begin streaming the program through that page and out to YouTube, so you’ll get an audio and video […]

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So what does “Do no evil” really mean in politics in this light

by Skip August 13, 2015

MAGINE AN ELECTION—A close one. You’re undecided. So you type the name of one of the candidates into your search engine of choice. (Actually, let’s not be coy here. In most of the world, one search engine dominates; in Europe and North America, it’s Google.) And Google coughs up, in fractions of a second, articles […]

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Green Energy ‘Simply Wont Work,’ Say Google Engineers

by Steve MacDonald November 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Green Energy ‘Simply Wont Work,’  Say Google Engineers

Two Stanford PhDs, Ross Koningstein having trained in aerospace engineering and David Fork in applied physics, have spent four years (fully funded by Google) to examine and solve the so-called problem of the so-called renewable energy future. At the start of RE<C, we had shared the attitude of many stalwart environmentalists: We felt that with […]

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False Ideas, Political Smears, and Social Pollution

by Steve MacDonald August 27, 2014
Thumbnail image for False Ideas, Political Smears, and Social Pollution

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was writing about a million-dollar federal grant to a University for the creation of a web-service (called ‘Truthy’) that would scry into social media and identity suspicious memes and “false or misleading ideas,”  political smears and even social pollution.  All sorted and labeled as organic or […]

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Google, is this a form of “evil”? Or is elevation of the political over religion “not evil”?

by Skip March 31, 2013

Update:  Sometimes we do clash on topics (great minds and all that); Grokster Steve posted on this as well – PLEASE read his post as well! Today is Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Google is well known for celebrating certain days with their “doodle art” when you go to their home page – and […]

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Cesar Chavez…More Important than Easter?

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2013

Today is Easter Sunday.  Whether you are into the religious significance or not, it is a long celebrated holiday by a large number of people on the planet.  The Eggs and bunny thing is certainly a feature of the modern holiday and a noted aspect throughout Europe for centuries, with or without Jesus.  So why […]

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Google Gives Us A Hint About Warrentless Electronic Searches

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2013

  From CNET Google today became the first Internet company to shed light on a highly secret — and controversial — warrantless electronic data-gathering technique used by the FBI. The technique allows FBI officials to send a secret request to Web and telecommunications companies requesting “name, address, length of service,” and other information about users […]

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