Glenn Reynolds

Notable Quote – Glenn Reynolds

by Skip September 16, 2013

Understated funny guy, this one: ESCAPE READING: On the recommendation (as mentioned earlier) of several readers, I’ve been reading through Jay Allan’s Crimson Worlds novels. Set in an America that has become a corrupt state, run by an inbred political class drawn from just a few select universities and overseeing a populace of “cogs” who […]

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Blogline of the Day – On Obama’s umpteenth “focus” on the economy

by Skip September 12, 2013

“He can focus, but he can’t focus “like a laser beam” because laser beams are coherent.” (H/T: Instapundit) And given the results of all those previous “foci”, is anyone convinced there will be different results than what we’ve seen to date?  

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by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2013

From Jammie Wearing Fools c/o Instapundit, Hillary Clinton is saved from accusations of racism and a 24/7 /365/57 state assault from the media because she is a Democrat, after messing up Medgar Evers name. Glenn Reynolds: FILE THIS IN THE IF-A-REPUBLICAN-DID-THIS-IT-WOULD-BE-NEWS FILE Me? I wonder is Mizzez Clinton still ‘aint no wayz tired?’  

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Citizens! Obey your federal overlords!

by Susan Olsen January 16, 2013

Professor Glenn Reynolds calls it correctly: “Gun control is a way of rubbing Middle America’s face in the fact that it doesn’t run things. That’s the actual appeal” Mark Levin does as well calling Obama’s executive orders “un-American,” “fascistic’…  

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I agree with Glenn about Facebook

by Skip May 21, 2012

On a post concerning the platform that has just created 6 new Billionaires and about a 1,000 new Millionaires, Facebook, I agree with Sidebar: I dryly note that Zuckerberg comes from the same learned institution as the 1/32 Indian / recipe plaigerizer / Scott Brown wannbe  Elizabeth Warren.  I’m wondering what she thinks about all […]

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