Glenn McCoy

Michelle’s #HashSign Is Back
(But The Girls Aren’t!)

by Mike April 25, 2015

We had so much fun when Michelle Obama presented us with a blank hashtag sign (#BringBackOurGirls), but of course, it worked about as well as any other lefty idea, so one year later cartoonists are mocking her all over again. With apologies to Glenn McCoy, I’ve adjusted the words a little, and if you believe […]

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HE Is Risen – Cheating Death With A Chuckle

by Mike April 18, 2014
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Topical Cartoon: Pulling Out Incumbents By The Roots

by Mike April 14, 2013

Just the palate cleanser to go with Yesterday’s “Honor Your Oath” Rally – Let’s haul those pesky, Constitution ignoring, incumbents out by their roots! (Glenn McCoy at

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Cartoons: Hu-Go To Hell!

by Mike March 9, 2013
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Cartoon Of The Day – Shotgun Barry

by Mike January 31, 2013
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Cartoon(s) Of The Day – VP Debate Edition

by Mike October 11, 2012

No debate would be complete without a little humor H/T

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