Glen Aldrich

Town Meetings – for SB2 towns like Gilford, we get to trek in the snow tomorrow (ahGAIN!)

by Skip March 12, 2018

Thankfully, being an SB2 town, we get to vote in private.  I remember town meetings when the warrant was both debated and voted upon in a single session and how long they ran until way early into the morning as one special interest group (“SIG”) or another slowed it down until “the opposition” finally went […]

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Officials need to understand that not everyone in Gilford is affluent…

by Op-Ed March 10, 2018

By Dave Horvath, Sr.To The Daily Sun, Gilford may be an affluent town but not everybody in town is affluent. We need people in our elected positions who understand this dynamic. Gilford has many citizens that their only source of income is their Social Security check. Many people who work in the private sector have not […]

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