Data Point: So the next time Democrats (especially NH ones) say we need policies like Europe

Decisions have consequences. So do policies.  And while Democrats all over keep insisting that “we’re the only industrialized nation that doesn’t <insert their latest policy complaint here>”, they aren’t all that willing to talk about the consequences of their policies. Like Venezuela (but the right people haven’t done Socialism right – WE CAN DO IT! …

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Taxes vs Personal Spending: shouldn’t this be flipped?

Is it moral to be paying more to Government than spending on your family? Reformatted, emphasis mine: America spends more on taxes than on food, clothing, and housing combined. A LOT more. Housing: $2.3 trillion Clothing: $0.4 trillion Food: $1.7 trillion TOTAL: $4.4 trillion Federal Taxes: $3.4 trillion State and Local Taxes: $1.8 trillion TOTAL: $5.2 …

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Trump Keeps ‘Winning’

It looks like the economy has managed to push aside the smothering pillow of Obamanomics. The Commerce Department reported Friday that the economy grew at a pace of 4.1 percent in the second quarter, propelled by consumer spending in another win for Mr. Trump’s policies of lower taxes and fewer regulations. The growth was the fastest since 2014, following …

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Backward is the New Forward

Not all that long ago I pointed out that “Forward” is the new backward.  As we progressed into 2013, everyone inherited a tax increase courtesy of the forward progress of the Obama Administration as it kept its promise not to rasie taxes on the “middle class.  Well it has only been two weeks since then …

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Data Point – 2012 Q3 GDP

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today that Q3 GDP ticked upward to 2.0 percent, after clocking in at 1.3 percent in Q2. But that headline number gives only limited amount of information. Here’s a more detailed breakdown from today’s BEA report. It could have been worse: Personal consumption improved to 2.0 percent in the …

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Yes, More US Energy Use Equals More Output

This is not a theorem, or a rule, it is more of a guideline. That US Energy consumption produces equals output. I made this case back in 2008 when wackadoodles like Jeanne Shaheen, Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter (among others milking the teats of the earth-mother for green votes) complained about how America used 25% of the worlds energy–or something close to it, and we were evil for using all that energy. The narrative was that we were domestic abuses of a child named “resources.”