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Israel Didn’t Scorch Enough Earth In Gaza!

by Mike August 6, 2014

Reacting to a borderline anti-Semitic piece on ZeroHedge (normally a good economic blog) which lamented Israel’s scorched earth tactics without context, I penned the following: The inhabitants of Gaza deserve what they get, and they haven’t been punished enough yet. Given a vote, they chose terrorist overlords instead of a government. Given aid, those overlords […]

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Iron Domes – the difference between Israel and Hamas

by Skip July 28, 2014

There is not even a shadow of moral equivalence between the two entities: one is to protect its citizens and the other uses its citizens to protect itself. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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GrokTALK! for 7/19/2014 – The Videos

by Skip July 19, 2014

Once again, GrokTALK! was live this morning from 9-11am.  Given the wonderful weather, that it is SUMMAH!, we know that more of you are listening on YOUR time and not ours.  Steve has the audio here for downloading to listen when and where that suits you.  Video – a bit more convoluted, but here it is: […]

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What Passes As Un-Biased News Reporting About Israel

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2014
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What Passes As Un-Biased News Reporting About Israel…

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Why aren’t there any bomb shelters in Gaza…

by Tim Condon November 26, 2012

…to protect against those Jewish attacks? This guy explains it. (This is turning out to be a big Quiz Day.)

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WAR (Updated: Egypt calls for Arab response to attacks on Palestinians)

by Steve MacDonald November 15, 2012

(Updates are at the end of the original post) Israel has had enough of the rocket attacks and has approved “Vigorous Action” against the Terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza strip.  They are calling up reserves, and will initiate a ground force invasion if necessary to stop the attacks on their population.  For the time being, […]

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Carol SEIU-Porter And Ann McKluster’s Biggest 2012 Donor? Anti-Israel J Street PAC

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2012

You are who you take money from, so the narrative goes, which on a typical day makes Carol Shea-Porter (SEIU-Porter) a union thug and Ann McLane Kuster (The McKluster) and SEIU-Porter both the Bane of the Unborn (up to an including partial birth abortion), and meat puppets of left wing congressional leadership. So how does […]

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