Gay Marriage

So, Alicia Preston, does this mean that the NH GOP should be FOR Abortion? By your argument, it should be, right?

by Skip May 20, 2018

Hillary: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” (H/T:  Progressives and The Proper Role of Government – and your subservience to it).  That WOULD be your argument if you were intellectually and philosophically honest, Ms. Preston. Well, if JHo […]

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So Horns are going all in on “we’re victims!”; Bill Horn resigns from NH GOP

by Skip May 14, 2018

Not a big surprise.  Lots of people are going Independent but not for the reasons they are.  Here’s the Letter sent to Andrew Cernota that John Distaso tweeted out: Other half after the jump:

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On another meeting I DIDN’T go to – Kevin Landrigan goes with the “rotten peeps, those GOPers are” with his headline

by Skip May 13, 2018

Quick Thought: NH GOP members exclude delegate from convention, take no action on her pro-gay-rights proposals By KEVIN LANDRIGAN Yes, I slap them around when it is needful – but I’ll go the other way when needed as well. The NH GOP did no such thing as exclude a delegate from the NH GOP Convention […]

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Just thought I’d throw this out there: Gay marriage is no longer in Bermuda

by Skip February 9, 2018

The British territory of Bermuda has become the first jurisdiction to roll back same-sex marriage, less than one year after the unions were legalized by the socially conservative island’s supreme court. Governor John Rankin signed the Domestic Partnership Act into law Wednesday reversing the rights of same-sex partners to wed. The legislation allows any couple to enter into […]

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Blogline of the Day – Either you accept ALL of the Constitution or none of it

by Skip December 17, 2017

And so on — ignoring the fact that the same progressives who’ve got their knickers in a twist about national concealed carry reciprocity fully support the Supreme Court decision forcing all 50 states to recognize gay marriage. Not to mention ignoring the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision “incorporating” the Second Amendment (ruling that the protection trumps local and state law). Anyway, here comes […]

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WAIT! I thought NH’s Constitutional Carry was “Settled Law”?

by Skip October 13, 2017

.@marchandsteve tells @nhpr he would move to reinstate concealed carry permit requirement, push for universal background checks #NHpolitics — Michael Brindley (@MBrindley_NHPR) October 9, 2017 So, Marchand wants to overturn Constitutional Carry? Does that mean that gay marriage and abortion isn’t really “settled law” and thus is fair game? Good to know, Steve, good to know […]

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…Common Sense Restrictions on Abortion, Liberal speech, and Gay Marriage

by Steve MacDonald June 18, 2016
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Guy Benson’s Modest Proposal – Hot Air Last weekend, a 29-year-old Islamist radical slaughtered 49 innocent people at a gay nightclub in central Florida. In response, Congress must immediately strip taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood. This well-funded special interest group generously finances friendly legislators’ campaigns, in exchange for which those politicians obstinately oppose any and […]

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HIllary, Always Consistent

by Scott Morales October 24, 2015

You know, it’s also weird that the Democrats are going to have  the only candidate to vote for the Iraq War.  Wonder what Ed Asner, Michael “never enough Cheetos” Moore and Janeane Garafalo think about that.

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American Public: gay marriage loses big time to Religious Liberty

by Skip August 17, 2015

After all, freedom of expression is a Constitutionally protected Right.  And given that, here’s what was found: According to Caddell Associates, which conducted the poll, “[t]here is an overwhelming sense on the part of American voters that they want to find common ground in order to protect both the expression of religious freedom and the […]

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Gay Militants threat of Lawfare – a church will no longer do weddings

by Skip July 14, 2015

A long time friend of mine from the Midwest emailed me (emphasis mine): Skip – I was at church council last night.  We have discussions underway to consider not doing weddings at all.  We will focus on the Gospel, sacrament (baptism & communion), liturgy, and outreach (community dinners, food pantry, and clothing for the homeless). That’s […]

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“Now the contest begins to see who’ll be the angriest winner.”

by Skip July 10, 2015

OF OBERGEFELL AND OSTRACISM: After the Supreme Court’s decision on Same Sex Marriage, Dan McLaughlin of Red State was quoted as saying, “Now the contest begins to see who’ll be the angriest winner.” Last week it was George Takei of Star Trek making racist slurs against Clarence Thomas. This week, Max Lindenman of Patheos spots […]

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It was Never About Marriage…and You Were Warned.

by Steve MacDonald June 28, 2015
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The next step might be polygamy, but that’s down the road, or is that “down several roads”. The real “next hill” your culture will die on is behind the doors of any “church” that refuses to toe the dictates of the secular-humanist world-government religion. And I very specifically mean churches. Mosques need not fear this […]

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SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Mandates Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2015
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Boom Baby! (Bearing Arms)  By using the Constitution in such a manner, the Court argues that the Due Process Clause extends “certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy” accepted in a majority of states across the state lines of a handful of states that still banned the practice. The vast majority of states […]

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A shot across her bow – what will NH GOP Committeewoman Juliana Bergeron do?

by Skip June 13, 2015

“she has a choice: either avoid discussion of the issue or resign.” Will she listen to the people who know her best, Republicans in Cheshire County, and remove her name?  Decisions have consequences and NH State GOP Committeewoman Bergeron is now learning that her decision to sign an amicus brief with other “Republican luminaries” supporting […]

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So, what do Obama, Hillary, and George Pataki have in common?

by Skip May 12, 2015

“Defeating Islamic terror, shrinking government, growing the economy. These are the issues that matter most.  Instead, we’re debating social issues like abortion and gay rights. They’re a distraction and only help to elect Hillary.  After 8 years of Obama style socialism, we need to shrink government, not let Big Government tell us how to live […]

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Silence the dissenters over 50 years old? Naw – just deport them!

by Skip April 8, 2015

I watched this on Sunday – seemingly innocuous line but wrought with meaning.  Or, given the discussion just before it, rot in the Party. Once again, we see the Elitist view of a discussion and free speech – it never seems to be MORE speech but less speech.  Can’t deport all those illegal aliens but […]

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Progressivism – was never about being “Liberal”; cozying up to Totalitarianism

by Skip April 8, 2015

An observation from Steven Hayward on RFRA, Indiana, Memories Pizza, the tipping point of the absorption of the private sector by Government – and the unmasking of the Left for who they really are (emphasis mine): The “end of liberalism” can be taken to have two meanings, reflecting the ambiguity of both “end” and “liberalism.” […]

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Christians Need To Get ‘In The Closet’

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2015
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If every there was an idea that succinctly defined the hypocrisy of the left on the matter of rights and equality with regard to gays and Christians, I think this is it. So I guess what they are saying is that when it comes to gay marriage Christians need to 'Get in the Closet.' #Hypocrisy […]

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The Inconvenient Truth…A Baker, a Photographer, and two Ministers Walk into a bar

by GrokWatch News Desk April 3, 2015

Kathy Dunton | GrokWatch News Desk Seems as though Indiana has caved to the so called “progressive” lefts double standard. They redefined “marriage” and we silently watched. For that reason, many states have put forth these “Religious Freedom” laws. Are we really going to stay silent while they are allowed to “redefine” The 1st Amendment? […]

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Man Attempts To Buy Gay Wedding Cake at Muslim Bakeries

by Scott Morales April 3, 2015

… in Dearbornistand Michigan… guess what happens.  Oh yeah, you probably already know because it’s plastered all over the news… oh wait.. no that was religious illiterates throwing some hate on Christians for refusing to cater a gay wedding.  Well, here take a look at how Muslims react.  Btw: there’s a bonus.  Crowder does a […]

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BCRC – Walt Havenstein Q&A: Questions 3 & 5 – Platforms and Union money

by Skip July 11, 2014

More questions for Walt Havenstein, candidate for the NH GOP nomination for NH Governer, at the Belknap County Republicans meeting this past Wednesday night: Question 3 – Where do your views differ from the NH GOP or the national GOP? Question 5 – Have you taken money from Unions, and if so, which?    Question 3 – Views                                            […]

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If a Federal Judge in Ohio can declare all in one….

by Skip April 25, 2014

If an Ohio based federal judge can mandate that all homosexual marriages licensed in other States must be recognized in Ohio (which does not recognize such), why shouldn’t my Second Amendment right, as practiced here in NH, right be recognized everywhere, too, before the Law?  Gotta hate judicial activism. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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We’ve seen the result of totalitarian thinking before…

by Skip April 6, 2014

In the Land of the Free, how free are we?  Once again, the sorry story of Brendan Eich is a great object lesson.  Over at Patheos, the Anchoress has a good piece on this growing intolerance of groupthink (emphasis mine, reformatted): If the headline strikes some as offensive, it will nevertheless remain, because that’s the […]

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Notable Quote – Andrew Sullivan

by Skip April 6, 2014

On speaking about Brendan Eich and Mozilla: Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a […]

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Tyler Deaton must have done the “Happy Dance” over that

by Skip April 6, 2014

“That” being the retribution against the long time Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich and an extremely short term stint as Chief Executive Officer of Mozilla, the open software organization that is behind the FireFox browser and Thunderbird email program (both which I have used for years, but more on that later).  As I said before, […]

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Blogline of the Day – another perspective on campaign finance

by Skip April 6, 2014

Why Campaign Finance Should Be Anonymous: If you support secret ballots, you should oppose campaign finance law. – Walter Hudson And, I will remind you, at a time when President Obama held the same views.  Such a demonstration of REAL Tolerance – Obama was given the time to “evolve” but the militant gay movement wanted […]

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Anyone Else Tired of the Gaystapo Yet?

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2014
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You can’t claim to be the tolerant ones when you use religious bigotry to put someone out of business, quite often when there are dozens of other businesses that provide the exact same service within a reasonable distance in modern America, just because you think you can. Well Sweet Cakes by Melissa agrees with me.  […]

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Chris Kluwe: Disagree with me on homosexual marriage? I want to destroy your way of making a living.

by Skip January 5, 2014

“…it’s to make sure that Mike Priefer never holds a coaching position again in the NFL, and ideally never coaches at any level.“ That is what Chris Kluwe, gay marriage proponent and now former Minnesota Viking punter, is now desiring for his former coach at the Vikings.  That Priefer should no longer have a way […]

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Gay Marriage And The Supreme Court: What Will Follow?

by Rick Olson March 26, 2013

Using the word “gay” as a euphemism for homosexual is fine I guess. But I’ve always thought a word like “fabulous” might have been better. Sure would be a lot easier to tell your parents, “Mom, Dad: I’m fabulous! And my friends are fabulous, too! — Michael Greer As I pointed out in my September 2012 […]

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Stupidity, Civility, And The Continued Assault on Free Staters

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2012

This was originally part of my previous post on pull quotes I found amusing but turned into something else that would have distracted from the previous post being purposefully short and the other quotes getting a shot a some discussion. … In the Union Leader article,  “Free State Movement Not Embraced by All Granite Stater’s” […]

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