Gary Varvel

VeepStakes Humor – Indianapolis Edition

by Mike July 14, 2016

As it becomes clear that Trump has settled on Indiana governor, Mike Pence, for his running mate, we turn to the Indy Star’s renowned cartoonist, Gary Varvel, for some extra perspective (click-enlarge any cartoon):

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Happy Easter To All

by Mike March 27, 2016

For the adults: Gary Varvel, cartoonist for the Indy star, originally drew this in 2008, and writes: Betrayed by a friend, falsely accused by his enemies, found not guilty three times by a Roman leader but sentenced to death because of an angry crowd, whipped, beaten and mocked by Roman guards and crucified between two […]

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The Farce Is Strong At GOP Debates!

by Mike December 23, 2015

Click the picture for an alternate quote from one candidate who we’ve been analyzing here on the Grok.

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The Party Of Fiscal Discipline, Eh, Kelly?

by Mike November 2, 2015

Into my mailbox this morning popped confirmation of what I’d heard during the weekend – not only can’t the GOP muster a quorum to resist Obama’s spending plans, but Mitch McConnell and his trusted lieutenants like ‘our’ Kelly Ayotte led the charge for piling up debt faster than ever!!

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I’ll See Your Racist Varvel, And Raise You One!

by Mike November 23, 2014

In searching for the original picture, I found this 2009 gem by Varvel, and adapted the caption a little 😉 Background at

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Gruber’s Voters vs We The People

by Mike November 17, 2014
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Executive Branch Chainsaw Constitution Massacre

by Mike August 23, 2013

Roving Englishman blogs from afar today, in between attending a wedding, and various other family visits…… Cheers!

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Cartoon Of The Day – Fleecing The Taxpayers

by Mike March 25, 2013
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Cartoons Of The Day – Sequestration Edition

by Mike February 22, 2013

Obama doesn’t take spending cuts seriously, so let’s join in the fun….

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Jobless Christmas: Picture Edition

by Mike December 24, 2012

Skip found the verse about a jobless Christmas – Gary Varvel illustrates it beautifully!

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Cartoon(s) Of The Day – VP Debate Edition

by Mike October 11, 2012

No debate would be complete without a little humor 🙂 H/T

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Adventures of an Empty Chair – UN Edition

by Mike September 29, 2012
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