Gary Varvel

I’ll See Your Racist Varvel, And Raise You One!

by Mike November 23, 2014

In searching for the original picture, I found this 2009 gem by Varvel, and adapted the caption a little 😉 Background at

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Gruber’s Voters vs We The People

by Mike November 17, 2014
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Executive Branch Chainsaw Constitution Massacre

by Mike August 23, 2013

Roving Englishman blogs from afar today, in between attending a wedding, and various other family visits…… Cheers!

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Cartoon Of The Day – Fleecing The Taxpayers

by Mike March 25, 2013
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Cartoons Of The Day – Sequestration Edition

by Mike February 22, 2013

Obama doesn’t take spending cuts seriously, so let’s join in the fun….

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Jobless Christmas: Picture Edition

by Mike December 24, 2012

Skip found the verse about a jobless Christmas – Gary Varvel illustrates it beautifully!

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Cartoon(s) Of The Day – VP Debate Edition

by Mike October 11, 2012

No debate would be complete without a little humor H/T

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Adventures of an Empty Chair – UN Edition

by Mike September 29, 2012
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