White House Trolls Media With Press Release That Repeatedly Refers to MS-13 Gang Members as ‘Animals’

by Steve MacDonald May 22, 2018

“What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13” is the title of a May 21st, White House Press Release. A perfect retort, touche, or as they reported over at Twitchy, “Like a BOSS! White House ‘trolls the SH*T’ out of the press corp with MS-13 press release and OMG.” That’s what you […]

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California’s Poison Your Friends and Family Plan

by Steve MacDonald April 12, 2018

Given all I’ve written about MS-13, opioids, and sanctuary cities and states lately, this cartoon boils the California problem down to a national defense issue. We can’t secure the border, address the opioid crisis, or any of the gang violence it perpetuates as long as California is a conduit for drugs, gang members, and the cartels that […]

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Er, the Progressives haven’t ever shut up about this “conversation”

by Skip August 30, 2016

WGN reports that just last weekend 67 Chicagoans were shot, 11 died from their wounds. Apparently, a military-aged American is safer in uniform in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan fighting ISIS than living in inner-city America. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles also have the strictest gun control in the country reinforcing the old saw that […]

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Follow-up: How Happy is Ann Kuster about the VAWA Vote Now?

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2013

Yesterday I pointed out that according to Heritage the 2013 re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) included provisions that violated the constitution by giving Federal authority to tribal courts. Today, we discover that the 78 Senators and 286 House members who voted (some happily) for S.47, the (Violence Against Women Re-authorization Act of 2013), also voted to prohibit the […]

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