Taxpayers Forced to Fund Hassan’s Massive Chicago Fundraising Haul

by Steve MacDonald October 25, 2016

When it comes to fundraising, Governor Maggie Hassan does it the Chicago Way – sticking the taxpayers with the bill For Immediate Release: October 24, 2016 Contact: Derek Dufresne 202-809-6013 MANCHESTER – On February 29 2016, Governor Maggie Hassan traveled to Chicago, Illinois to raise money for her U.S. Senate campaign. How much money? […]

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After-Bern-er: Sanders Fundraising Takes Off!!

by Mike February 11, 2016

Bernie’s NH Victory leads to huge cash haul Sanders campaign announces blowing past goal of raising $6 million after NH, closing in on $7 million. — Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) February 11, 2016 When you look at this, remember the last column is ONE month:

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Please Help us Fund a Spreaker Campaign

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2015
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We are looking for donations to help promote GrokTALK! on Spreaker. We’d like to be able to expand the audience but we need your support to help fund the campaign. If you can, please give a few dollars (or a few more dollars) to help us expand our reach. You can give at or […]

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Coca-Cola Will No Longer Fund Planned Parenthood

by Steve MacDonald July 24, 2015
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From Erik Erickson…(via email) Coca-Cola was listed as a corporate supporter of Planned Parenthood. They were on Planned Parenthood’s website. Various other outlets had attached Coca-Cola to Planned Parenthood. This morning I received this email to my radio station’s email account.  Coke will not contribute to Planned Parenthood and will not match employee contributions to […]

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Shea-Porter’s Fundraising Prowess?

by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2014
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WMUR has an article up about how Carol Shea-Porter always raises so much more campaign money, even though she doesn’t like that part of the gig. (Except for her first win, when she ran on vapors and benefitted from a Democrat wave election, she has not had to work hard to raise enough money.) Sorry.  […]

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Andrew Hemingway One-Day Online Money Bomb

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2014
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From Team Hemingway Help us meet our goal and go to to donate $5, $50 or $500 today! Will you help us bring solutions to the Corner Office? Will you heed Morgan’s call? Listen to Morgan and help us to victory! DONATE HERE, TODAY! We have topped $10,000 and need to reach $17,500 to […]

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Big Government Serves Washington Insiders, Not You and Me

by Don June 25, 2014

President Obama gets the blame for the failures and deaths at the VA  because President Obama is the head of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government.  (Bush got the blame before, Obama gets it now.) The Executive branch is the only branch with the Constitutional authority to execute our laws, i.e., to manage our […]

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Nancy McLane Pelosi Kuster?

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2014
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Someone should ask Ann (eeee) Kuster why Nanc (eeee) Pelos (eeee) is fundraising for her… (I wonder if it is the ‘eeee’ sound.  You know ‘Eeeee,’ as in Benghazi?) Now, Speaker Boehner and national Republicans are ready to relentlessly flood New Hampshire airwaves with nasty attacks against her. If we want to win this race, […]

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OFA Uses Massacre of Children to Build Its Email and Fundraising List

by Steve MacDonald December 3, 2013
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Organizing for Acorn is using the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy to add names to their email and fundraising list.  How does that conversation go? “Hey, let’s use the bodies of dead children to expand our influence and political power, we just have to call it something else…” That’s how it goes. At least I […]

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by Susan Olsen May 14, 2013

NARAL, that wonderful, private, totally tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) public charity corporation, fund-raising on top of the bodies of dead babies. Via Weasel Zippers

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NH GOP – a riff on the E-board angst reported by DiStaso – Part III

by Skip December 11, 2012

Oh, one other thing that Steve Duprey said to John DiStaso about NH GOP State Member fundraising: Duprey said that especially after a poor GOP showing on election day, “Anyone who thinks you don’t need adequate resources in what has become a purple state is dreaming.” Agreed that there is a need, but it is […]

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