The Free State Project in New Hampshire: Eager beavers fight it out with eager socialists…

by Tim Condon May 26, 2013

State Rep. Cynthia Chase made herself famous not that long ago when she wrote “In the opinion of this Democrat, Free Staters are the single biggest threat” to achieving socialism in New Hampshire. Well…she didn’t actually say “achieving socialism.” I just added that to make her thought process clearer (after all, she’s a recent import […]

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A new Free State Project video explains all….

by Tim Condon May 15, 2013

Send this around to all your friends: The following video is about the Free State Project, a movement filled with good people who will eventually move to New Hampshire. It also features an underlying theme of…

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Speaking of the Free State Project…

by Tim Condon February 14, 2013

…the latest FSP Newsletter is out. Well worth reading, especially the article entitled “We Made the Move: Angela and Emmett Harris,” a picture of whom appears at left. Wonderful people! And yet another reason why I’ve repeatedly said “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of America.” Why? Because it was chosen by […]

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The latest on the Free State Project…

by Tim Condon November 17, 2012

…which is still growing! Despite some silliness from some self-described Freestaters—such as gratuitous law-breaking or fevered talk about “anarchy”—the movement is healthy, continuing, and even maturing. In fact, many people moving into New Hampshire now as part of the Free State Project migration don’t even bother to identify as participants. Thus, the “official” count of […]

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Free Stater or Out-of-Stater? Pick one: The New Hampshire Advantage, or the Massachusetts/ New Jersey way….

by Tim Condon October 31, 2012

Take your choice! Here’s a nice little explanatory essay by state Representative (and Free Stater) Andrew Manuse, entitled “We’re All Free Staters Now!”:

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