Freedom of religion

GrokTALK! for 7/20/2013 – Opening segment

by Skip July 21, 2013

Susan, Mike, Skip and Father Christian Tudor of Concord’s All Saints Anglican Church start off the show talking about the destruction of the vendors’ areas right outside the studio who had set up for Concord’s Market Day – walking in it was quite clear that some vendors would not recoup their profits in ruined equipment […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Matthew J. Franck

by Skip December 26, 2012

I have been getting Imprimis (a monthly commentary from Hillsdale College) for a while now.  I had kept this one, entitled “Individual, Community, and State: How to Think About Religious Freedom” as it has a number of things to reflect upon: Fourth, the power of government, necessary as it is to maintaining a shared moral […]

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Merry Hanukwanzmas

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2012

Happy Christmakwanzukkah?  How about Yule or Saturnalia?  Whatever your winter solstice holiday poison may be you can bet your Establishment Clause and his eight tiny ACLU reindeer that the real winners will be the secular humanists and the flying monkey Lawyer-politicians that pull their empty sleigh; craven acolytes of the void, committed to pressuring anyone […]

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Tyranny of the Pen – but in spinning, Obama’s Jack Lew leaves a glaring and obvious hole

by Skip February 13, 2012

Jack Lew used to be Obama’s Budget Director – well, given that the Democrat controlled Senate has now gone 1,100 days since passing a budget (as the law requires), methinks he has had little to do.  Now given that Daley didn’t make nice (or couldn’t) with Jarrett or Michelle, he was elevated to The One’s […]

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