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Quick Thought: HB 1319 – asked and answered

by Skip June 10, 2018

As to Gov. Chris “Supporting the Democrat Agenda Identity Group politics against the NH GOP” in signing HB1319, I was asked earlier today: Where do you stand? Answer:  It demands coerced speech and behavior from those that do not believe that a man can simply announce that he is a woman and MUST refer to […]

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Guess ACLU only approves of certain religions…

by Skip September 4, 2015

Well, it is clear that the ACLU (“woefully misnamed American Civil Liberties Union“) doesn’t like the Catholic hospital that wants to practice its religion with respect to its not wishing to participate in sterilization procedures.  That’s on one hand.  Yet, on the other (emphasis mine, reformatted): ACLU, CAIR SUE FLORIDA FOR DENYING ISLAMIC MEALS TO […]

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GrokSHOT! Mike Farris – Religious Liberty

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2015
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The Freedom of worship is not what this country was founded on. It was the free exercise of religion. It was the right to bring your religion in to the public square and stand up, …religious people have the right to stand up and say what they want to say based on their religious beliefs […]

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Matthew Dowd: icky Culture War this religious stuff – just shut up.

by Skip April 5, 2015

On This Week with George Stephanopolus (4/5) was another great example of an Establishment Republican, Matthew Dowd (Republican strategiest, according to This Week), of the absolute distaste of the Beltway R Elite not wanting even engage in anything that gets in the way of “we can’t make it smaller but we can manage Govt better” […]

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Obama IS trying to “fundamentally transform” our personal beliefs

by Skip April 14, 2014

Two graphics that pretty much shows Obama’s view of religion: that is must be subservient to The State.  It certainly looks like this to me: Why?  I think this is sufficient: 

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The State Religion

by Steve MacDonald November 11, 2013

If belief in God were nothing more than a notion produced by human beings, an electrochemical fabrication of the human mind expressed to explain, comfort, or persuade others, what makes the idea of atheism any different? You can’t articulate the absence of belief based on your biochemically manufactured worldview without making the act of expressing […]

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Facebook Doodlings – really, Christian Shariah?

by Skip November 19, 2012

There’s a whole lot of yakking going on in the Right side of politics – what went wrong and “what went wrong” but really different.  And of course, the various nostrums of what to fix and what to leave alone will be as numerous (at the least) as the number of folks yakking (EVERYbody’s got […]

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