Progressive view of The Proper Role of Government – and your subservience to it.

by Skip August 5, 2014

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal sums up these micro-totalitarians, perfect examples of the Progressive  philosophy: “The essence of modern Democratic Progressivism is: You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” One used to believe that before pen was set to legislative paper, our […]

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Notable Quote – David Marmet

by Skip July 27, 2014

Hayek calls this utopian vision The Road to Serfdom.  And we see it in operation here, as we are in the process of choosing, as a society, between Liberty – the freedom from the State to pursue happiness, and a supposed but impossible Equality, which, as it could only be brought about by a State capable and empowered […]

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Notable Quote – Calvin Coolidge on the Proper Role of Government

by Skip July 14, 2014

I was in a Facebook discussion a couple of days ago when I was asked which one of the Presidents was one of my favorites – it is “Silent Cal” (emphasis mine): Under this weight [of ever larger government] the former accuracy of administration breaks down.  The government has not at its disposal a supply […]

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From Public Servants to Rulers

by Skip June 20, 2014

Sadly, we see in this Obama Administration (but starting before it, I’m sore afraid) another instance of public servants now believing that they are above “their” law and have become Rulers when their illicit behavior affects those of us who are just law abiding – a double standard. From Betsy’s Page: This gives the scandal […]

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Obama is behind the IRS Scandal to silence Liberty & Freedom / Free Speech

by Skip June 11, 2014

The IRS was weaponized by the Progressives, chief among them the Community Organizer Obama.  Being an Alinskyite, he TAUGHT the lessons that the end justifies any means, and the end is just pure power (aka, a Totalitarian government).  Quacking platitudes that Free Speech matters only until they believe that can destroy it.  With Lois Lerner […]

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OUR State Project: What is it about “Free” that has Zandra Rice-Hawkins and Cynthia Chase’s panties in a bunch?

by Skip May 25, 2014

Adding a bit more from Steve’s post on the hysterical OUR State Project Progressives that believe that people who seemingly just want to be left alone by Government are THE existential threat to NH!  Remember, this from people who are out of staters themselves and depend on outside money to attack these people who just want […]

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Notable Quote – Kyle Becker

by Skip April 25, 2014

“…What makes Constitutional conservatives different from progressives is that they do not desire to rule their political opposition or otherwise impose their will on their fellow citizens. Instead, most conservatives want to restore the nation to its Constitutional foundations, establish fiscal responsibility in government, reinstate the free market economic principles that allowed the majority of […]

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GrokSHOTS! Rep Suzanne Vail Thinks ‘Freedom Is Maxed Out in NH’

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokSHOTS!  Rep Suzanne Vail Thinks ‘Freedom Is Maxed Out in NH’

Kim Morin tells us a story about Nashua Democrat Suzanne Vail who when challeneged for saying something stupid, pulled down her own facebook page and locked her twitter account. Audio Clip  (2m 6s) Listen to Kim’s segment on the podcast page here (or you can wait for it to post on the front page tonight) […]

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Notable Quote – Tom DeWeese

by Skip April 22, 2014

“Freedom.” We use that word a lot. Do we all really know what that word means? It’s used in so many different ways. Do we understand how it is attained? Most importantly, do we understand how it is used by some to actually take freedom away?  Simply put, freedom is the ability to act without […]

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So, he’s more of a “free rider” than Sandra??

by Skip April 18, 2014

That would be the girl made famous when Rush Limbaugh called her “a slut” when she was all up in arms that society should be providing her free contraceptives (and yes, I used the diminutive because it is clear that she willingly didn’t want to be self-sufficient – the hallmark of immature children that don’t know […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. David Corbin & Matt Parks

by Skip April 15, 2014

From a longer piece at The Federalist (go read the whole thing, emphasis here is mine): …Americans, Madison argues, are natural republicans–republicans in their heads and in their hearts, determined to show the world that “self-government” is possible. The republican principle, as Madison defines it later in the essay, requires “a government which derives all its […]

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Charter Schools – Freedom is not limited to just school choice

by Skip April 2, 2014

Betsy’s Page is run by a charter school teacher and in the years I’ve been reading her (an “aggregator” sorta like an extended version of Instapundit, or Weekend Pundit‘s “Thoughts on a Sunday”).  Here is a part of today’s “page” that speaks to that the Freedom to Achieve also means the Responsibility to Work Harder […]

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Social Justice is neither Social or is a manifestation of “Justice”

by Skip April 1, 2014

Jonah Goldberg does a short video on the true meaning of “Social Justice” – and those that love Social Justice hate the philosophy of Individual Freedom / Free Society given to us by our American Founders.  It means a removal of any and all Freedoms necessary to accomplish a Redistributional endpoint (aka, Socialism).  some of […]

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“Paint Stewardship Program” – look, there’s the gun toting Nanny at the paint racks!

by Skip March 21, 2014

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ NH State Rep Laura Pantelakos (D): “I don’t care about protecting peoples’ Liberty“ Yet another Government mandate in search of a problem.  Democrat Progressives just can’t STAND the idea that they aren’t smarter than everyone else and have to pass legislation […]

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GrokTV: 223 Day of Resistance rally – Who was that taking pictures of attendee license plates??

by Skip February 26, 2014

“Further, is the NH DMV going to be hacked for our private information – and what recourse do we have?“ And I thought that killing off HB675 (a bill to outlaw automated license plate readers) might have solved this problem.  I got an email from a person that I respect that brought a rather disturbing […]

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New Hampshire Family Photo

by Tom February 23, 2014

I know roughly 50% of the people in this photo well – yet I would trust my life with all of them.  To be honest, I would trust the lives of my children with them too.

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An idea that gives Progressive Freedom h8ters angina

by Skip February 12, 2014

Heh! (emphasis mine): S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley said Tuesday that she backs a proposal that would make it legal for most South Carolinians to carry guns – concealed or in the open – without a permit or the training that the state currently requires. Haley made her comments after she signed into law a bill […]

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Limited Government, State sovereignty, lower spending, lower taxes, self-responsibility, Welfare State….

by Skip February 6, 2014

Jr. Partners of the Democrats.  Lesser Keepers of the Welfare State.  Politics over Principles.  “Looking out for our Own Political Asses since we lost our way back in 2000′s”.  And with the news of the tremendous expansion of the Welfare State by Chuck Morse with Democrat leader Larson, what are we in the grassroots to […]

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Noteable Quote – Edward Gibbon

by Skip February 2, 2014

Promoted from the comments on Steve’s post on “Self Indulgence vs. Basic Rights”: “The five marks of the Roman decaying culture: Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth; Obsession with sex and perversions of sex; Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original; Widening disparity between very rich and very poor; Increased […]

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THE Progressive Paradox

by Skip January 27, 2014

Oh yeah, WE”RE supposed to trust THEM, but they don’t trust US.  Got it.  Got a name for that, too: Totalitarianism (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Blogline of the Day – Ian Underwood

by Skip January 21, 2014

“So the great irony here is that the very existence of this bill, and others like it, is the strongest argument for why, even if passed, they should simply be ignored — thus making felons out of people who are harming no one, but who simply decline to let the fears of a few undermine […]

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Testimony of Ian Underwood on HB 1589

by Susan Olsen January 21, 2014

Today in Representative Hall, Ian Underwood presented the testimony below to the Committee on Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  Eyes widened. “Article 2A of the NH Constitution clearly states that: All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state. It doesn’t say ‘some‘ persons. […]

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Gun Rights Across America – NH State Capital, 1/19/13 – Rick Olsen

by Skip January 21, 2014

Londonderry Fish & Game President, NH Wildlife Federation President, and GraniteGrok’s own Rick Olsen was the next speaker.  A prior Chief Warrant Officer in the US Marine Corps, he’s a straight ahead take-no-prisoners, you-know-where-I-stand (or soon will) type of guy.  Here, he talks about how our Freedom own and use our Private Property. He talks […]

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Data Point – Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Mauritius, Ireland, Denmark and Estonia.

by Skip January 16, 2014

But no United States of America – ostensibly, “the Land of the Free” – in the latest version of  Economic Freedom Report. “You know, if you like your freedom, you can keep it. Or maybe not,” said Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at an Index panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. […]

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Obamacare: forced Govt dependency built-in. Again.

by Skip January 6, 2014

Yet another sad story on the results of Obamacare on families.  Somewhere in here, I did a post where a single mom (grown daughter) had to buy a new policy as Obama & Sebelius decided that the healthcare policy that the Mom had was “junk”.  No, this Mom was not judged capable of picking a […]

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With Big Government assuming more and more, we need to review this:

by Skip January 5, 2014

From whom do our Rights come from, God (or the Deity or Nature’s God) or those running Government? The Framers of our Constitutional Republic reverently assumed the former along with the belief that if God has granted us our Rights, no man or assemblage of men can (or of more importance, should) revoke those Rights […]

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We hated it then, so why are Progressive Democrats cramming this down our throats?

by Skip December 30, 2013

Simple answer: F. A. Hayek came up with the idea of Fatal Conceit, that it is impossible for a few people to have sufficient knowledge to run an economy – at all.  There are just too many inputs for too many decisions for any central planners to know exactly what has to be done correctly.  […]

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Freedom to Travel? Papers [Obamacare], please!

by Skip December 18, 2013

As this Obamacare nightmare has been rolled out, it has been very hard to not see how limited coverages have become – doctor access limited, hospital access limited, and choice of the plans themselves have been very limited.  In fact, here in NH, only one insurer has actually been approved (although another one may be […]

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Dr. Williams points out just one way that Democrats prove they no longer believe in the Constitution

by Skip December 11, 2013

Read through Founders notes, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist and anti-Federalists papers and it becomes clear that they believed that our Rights came from simply being human – gifts from God and Nature’s God.  They are not bestowed upon any of us by the fact that Government exists.  In fact the existence […]

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Just in case you missed one of the real meanings behind yesterday: Freedom vs Free stuff

by Skip November 29, 2013

Which one is the real value? And just in case you are of the obtuse Ruling Class, Big Government is all about control to give out Free Stuff; Big Government can NEVER give out Freedom. Socialists love to give out “free stuff’ – stuff they must first forcibly take from others.  Ask yourself – where […]

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