Progressives and The Proper Role of Government – and your subservience to it.

by Skip August 16, 2018

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal sums up these micro-totalitarians, perfect examples of the Progressive  philosophy: “The essence of modern Democratic Progressivism is: You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” One used to believe that before pen was set to legislative paper, our […]

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Facebook Doodlings – Justice? Which one?

by Skip August 9, 2018

Steve’s post on former NH State Senate Minority Leader  Jeff ‘The Bruiser’ Woodburn had an interesting comment left on it on Facebook: Joanne Hack Again, ALLEGED abuser … are we not supposed to be the voice of reason and say that he’s not convicted of anything so, since this is America, he shouldn’t have to resign. I don’t know […]

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The RINO Virus (Part III, Recovery)

by Ian Underwood July 25, 2018

  Led by Marie Kondo, a wave of tidying up is sweeping the nation.  People everywhere are going through their belongings, posing some simple tests, and getting rid of the items that fail those tests. In Ms. Kondo’s case, the test is:  Does this item spark joy?  If it does, you keep it.  If not, you […]

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The RINO Virus (Part II, Cure)

by Ian Underwood July 24, 2018

It seems that not a week goes by that we don’t hear conservatives and libertarians moaning, ‘Why did we bother to elect Republicans if they’re just going to _____?’ Republicans seem to have forgotten what a political party is for.  It’s a way to focus time, effort, energy, and money so that they don’t get dissipated.  […]

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The RINO Virus (Part I, Diagnosis)

by Ian Underwood July 23, 2018

Years ago, a friend told me about something he calls the ‘baby test’.  To take it, raise either arm straight up so your upper arm touches your ear.  Bend the arm at the elbow.  If you can make a 90-degree angle, you’re not a baby. It occurs to me that there is a similar test […]

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Rick Notkin – candidate for NH State House, Belknap County District 2

by Skip July 13, 2018

Recently I was asked why I was running for NH State Representative. The easy answer would be that I was corralled into it. Really, there was an open seat as one of the reps was not running for re-election so I had an opportunity to “put my money where my mouth was”, so to speak. One of […]

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by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2018
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NH GOP: School Choice and educational opportunity

by Op-Ed June 20, 2018

By the NH GOP Reservations (free):

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Picking on Denmark part 2: Notes from the field

by Op-Ed June 19, 2018

By Eddie June 17, 2018: Copenhagen, Denmark After the posting on Denmark last week, I thought I should go there and see for myself. Ok, not completely true, but I am here in Copenhagen, passing through on a previously planned business trip. I spent a relaxing afternoon wandering around town, observing. This was not my […]

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Notable Quote – Samuel Adams

by Skip May 5, 2018

Jacqueline Blaszka Campbell falls into this failure: “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to […]

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The Totalitarian impulse did not die with the Soviet Union

by Steve MacDonald April 5, 2018

I think that the entirety of the modern American Left’s agenda can be summarized in the words of Theodore Dalrymple, who notes, The totalitarian impulse did not die with the Soviet Union, but rather fractured into many different monomanias. The freedom that many people desire is the freedom to limit other people’s freedom, which they find […]

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FB Doodlings: “Katharine Gregg: Why can’t we give up our guns?” – Part 1

by Skip March 28, 2018

I am so behind on these kinds of “I comment here” and “commented there” type posts, so it’s now time to get a’marching. The question above was asked over at the Concord Monitor. I’ll give her props for outing herself that she’s terrified of these totally inanimate object, and turn on her for demanding the […]

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FB Doodlings: There are some people who just don’t “get” the idea of Freedom or Individual Liberty Part 1

by Skip February 14, 2018

With these folks, it comes down to money – if I have to pay money because you do “dangerous” behaviors, I have the right to restrict your freedom of behavior.  I’ve been saying this for years – the more that Government does (because of pickle-pussed Progressives) that costs them money, the more they decide to […]

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DISQUS Doodlings – Why do Treehuggers hate modern muscle cars and Freedom? Part 1

by Skip January 28, 2018

Well, head honcho Lloyd at Treehugger is at his car-bashing ways again and this time it is all about the fire-breathing, gas-guzzling, earthquake sounding 840 HP Dodge Demon (above).  He simply hates them as do many of the other Treehuggers and they all sound positively Progressive as they all use that phrase, either directly or […]

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BlogQuestion of the Day – how come NH Democrats are against equal opportunity???

by Skip December 31, 2017

“Wealthy families have the means to find the best school for each child. Should not all New Hampshire parents?” states Rep. Glenn Cordelli, R-Tuftonboro, for the majority of the Education Committee. HB 193 should pass (now, even the NH Attorney General says it is Constitutional).  Afte all, “it’s for the children”! Oh, that’s right – […]

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Obamacare Individual Mandate is DEAD!

by Skip December 20, 2017

Democrats: live by the tax!  Republicans (today): OK, die by your tax, too And no, may it never live again.  As I said at the time of enactment of Obamacare (without a single Republican vote), the Founders would be spinning like mad to hearing that the Federal Government, supposedly limited in scope and power, would […]

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Notable Quote – Keven Williamson

by Skip December 18, 2017

Nobody in Washington understands what it takes to make an iPhone or a pound of upland cotton, but they do know how to get in the way, how to hold up one hand and say “No!” while holding out the other hand and saying “Pay!” There are a few necessary conditions for prosperity: peace, property […]

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“Many parents cannot afford private schools; SB-193 will help”

by Don December 14, 2017

To The Daily Sun, If a contractor did a good job for you but a bad job for your neighbor would you force your neighbor to keep rehiring the same contractor? Would you tell your neighbor to hire a second contractor to follow the first and fix the first contractor’s poor work? No. But this […]

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Guest Post by the Honorable Norm Silber – Stop discrimination against Catholics!

by Op-Ed December 14, 2017

Isn’t it long past time that New Hampshire ended blatant discrimination against Catholics in our state? After the great Irish potato famine in the mid-1800’s, America experienced a large wave of Irish immigrants, many of whom were Catholics.   Some politicians wanted to prevent any public support of Catholic institutions and thus attempted, unsuccessfully, to amend […]

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HB193: but they failed to ask and answer the most important question

by Skip December 9, 2017

Yet another piece from the Concord Monitor where Don Vallone of Reaching Higher New Hampshire makes the argument, financially, that ONLY Government schools should be allowed to teach your children.  How?  He cries in his cups of how government public schools would be losing money to other entities if HB 193 is enacted.  Boo-hoo (reformatted, […]

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 5

by Skip December 6, 2017

OK, time got away from me – time to put up some more LSRs (which by this time, I’m betting some have been turned into bills).  This time, those who the prime sponsor had a rating of 36% – 50%.  Like the last 4 posts, I’ve bolded a few that caught my eye (yes, I […]

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 4

by Skip November 27, 2017

Boy, they just keep coming as if Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 weren’t enough!  It does bring up a couple important questions: Do they ever wonder when enough is enough? Do they really think that we in Civil Society have no clue in making decisions for ourselves? Or, do they not believe that […]

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 3

by Skip November 26, 2017

Batter up!  More LSRs / House Bills.  As before, I’m bolding the ones that I’ll be looking at.  As before, if you, dear readers and commenters, have a bit of time and interest, pick one or two (or more, there’s PLENTY to share!), write a paragraph on why you think it is anti-Freedom and pro-Statism […]

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 2

by Skip November 25, 2017

Continuing on from Part 1, here is the next tranche of LSRs/House bills submitted into the House of Representative: Reminder: this list is for purposes of triage – quickly guesstimating which bills are bad or good based on whether their sponsors have good or bad voting records. There are times when bad Reps sponsor good […]

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NH LSRs rated by sponsor ratings – Part 1

by Skip November 24, 2017

From a good friend of the ‘Grok comes an interesting list. He took the time to take all of the LSRs (Legislative Service Requests – future bills that are put into the legislative hopper that will be textually fleshed out later with the specifics) that have been turned in, examined who the legislators were that […]

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So RedDiaperBaby and Jeemo, what say you now about Obamacare costs? Start groveling with abject apologies – Part 2

by Skip November 22, 2017

US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in an op-ed says that while she didn’t support the Obamacare repeal votes earlier this year, she does support the tax reform bills having a repeal of the Individual Mandate that Government / Obamacare put in place for people who just wished to not purchase healthcare.  Once again, look at […]

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The world economy explained with two cows – Part 5 Traditional Capitalism

by Skip November 22, 2017

Notice that opposed to the other forms of capitalism (nor “not capitalism”), this is YOU oriented (all others are about being The State / bureaucrat oriented).  YOU get to make the decisions – not someone else.  YOU get to plan your future – not someone else. YOU get to take the risk – and then […]

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The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians

by Skip November 14, 2017

A lady by the name of Jilletta Jarvis is running for Governor of NH and had a Letter to the Editor printed in the Concord Monitor (I do have to give credit to our local Pravda in doing so for a person completely antithetical to their political stances).  In it I read no real surprises […]

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Government enforced “safety” – the antithesis Freedom?

by Skip October 22, 2017

One example (emphasis mine): According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom said the ban will “help prevent the occurrence of high-fatality gun massacres, and … [will] reduce the bloodshed when these tragedies occur.” Note that Newsom’s claim contains an admission that the ban will not stop “high-fatality” attacks altogether. Rather, it is yet another in a long […]

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Data Point – College kids don’t know what Free Speech really is

by Skip October 11, 2017

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once […]

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