Free Trade

Underreported story of the week: American-Mexican bilateral trade deal

“…Both the U.S. and Mexico have removed trade barriers, eliminated tariffs and subsidies…” My, my – it looks like the use of tariffs as an economic tool (when wielded correctly) is actually having a positive result.  As a Free Trader, if nationally based and anti-free trade tariffs and subsidies are eliminated, this can only be …

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G7 Shakedown – Trump Drops Truth Bomb About Trade. Everyone Loses Their Mind.

Mike teased Trump’s realignment at the G7 Summit here which the media has (naturally) decided to sell it as a G6 versus the Trump Ogre. The world aligning against their oafish nemesis. That tells us a lot about the media and their abhorrence of the Make America Great Again Culture that put Trump in Office. …

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Data Point – Free Trade effect on Economy, Hunger, Environment

“Contrary to the claims that “unfair” foreign competition hurts the jobs at home, the unemployment rate actually fares better in times of higher trade deficits. Bryan Riley and former Ambassador Terry Miller provide further clarification:  When the trade deficit increases, the unemployment rate decreases, and vice versa. For example, in 2009, the U.S. trade deficit …

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On An Otherwise Slow Saturday…

The Red Sox have announced a 262.5 million dollar trade with the LA Dodgers that will unload, Crawford, Gonzales, Beckett and Punto. the Red Sox will send Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Nick Punto and the combined $262.5 million remaining on their contracts to Los Angeles for top pitching prospects Allen Webster and Rubby …

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What Would Carol SEIU-Porter Do? (WWCSPD?) -Panama Edition

But back in the day when the Democrats controlled all of the Federal government, and Republicans we were told were destined for the dustbin of history, Carol–who get’s most of her funding from Unions and Union funded Democrat Leadership PAC’s,–believed what she was told by Nancy Pelosi, in direct opposition to the obvious.

Bernanke’s Bender

Bernanke, who sources confirmed was “totally sloshed,” arrived at the drinking establishment at approximately 5:30 p.m., ensconced himself upon a bar stool, and consumed several bottles of Miller High Life and a half-dozen shots of whiskey while loudly proclaiming to any patron who would listen that the economic outlook was “pretty goddamned awful if you want the God’s honest truth.”

What’s Greene Shaheen Up To?

Senator Shaheen has signed onto a letter to Senate Majority leader Reid and Minority leader McConnell, suggesting that the corn based ethanol mandates, and all the tariffs and protections associated with it, not be extended.

Progressive Trade Rules

Being beholden to unions causes you to say and do stupid things.  Take Carol Shea-Porter for example.  She was against a trade deal with Panama because she claimed it would cost American jobs, when it would actually open up trade from us to them–they already had unfettered access; result?–it would have created American jobs. Provisions …

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Hodespocrisy Flashback- Why I Call Him Paul “Sugar Daddy” Hodes

A few months back I discovered that Paul Hodes had received a one time $10,000.00 donation from American Crystal Sugar (A major US Sugar conglomerate), at about the same time as the 288 billion dollar 2007/2008 Farm bill was being pushed through congress, and vetoes overrode.  US Sugar is a protected industry with a good …

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What About Bob?

Congressional Candidate Bob Bestani is what you might call a well-connected ruling class insider.  He has spent years as part of the evil international banking community and he is proud of his work for the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  According to his Campaign site Bio Until May of 2008, Bob served as the Director General …

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