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Speaker of the NH House Shawn Jassper makes it clear that Free State Project is not his cup of TEA

by Skip October 4, 2017

Former NH Speaker Gene Chandler: “Anyone with an ‘R‘ after their name is a good Republican” I disagree with that statement (especially those that support the Democrat agenda more than the Republican one). But then again, while Jasper is making it clear that he hates the Free State Project, he also made it clear that the […]

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Democrat NH State Rep Cynthia Chase is going to be some FURIOUS: Free State Project triggers “MOVE!”

by Skip February 4, 2016

Progressive NH State Rep Cynthia Chase (D): (concerning the Free State Project having chosen NH as their destination state, even as Chase did the same as a R.I. transplant): “What we can do is make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is […]

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Uber-Progressive Susan The Bruce confirms a Progressive meme: Free Staters are all child pornographers

by Skip May 12, 2015

The Free State Project may soon be leaving NH. — susanthe (@susanthe) May 10, 2015 Yeah, she certainly made it clear, this highly Progressive “activist” (who does troll here from time to time). Since there is a candidate in Poland who is vying for the Presidency on what I would call a very strange […]

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603 Alliance Grassroot Summit – NH State Rep Dan Itse and a collage video by Mike Rogers

by Skip April 23, 2015

Dan Itse is well recognized for his knowledge of the NH & US Constitutions (as well as other States’ as well).  Here at the 603 Alliance meeting, he talks about his favorite Constitution.  Mike Rogers’ work also makes an appearance – the importance, celebration, and the work needed to keep our Freedoms.                                       Dan Itse                          […]

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GrokTALK! – At Liberty Forum – The Videos (Segments 7 & 8)

by Skip March 18, 2015

OK, I ‘fess up – it’s been a while since the last post from Liberty Forum went up from me so time to put it into gear again: Segment 7 – We talk with Alvin about Liberty Forum and again, thank him immensely for donating the funds for 1 of the two headsets we are […]

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GrokTALK! – At Liberty Forum – The Videos (Segments 1 & 2)

by Skip March 8, 2015

As Steve points out, we were at this weekend’s Liberty Forum (Radisson at Manchester, NH) for a VERY extended GrokTALK! yesterday – instead of the normal 4 segments of around 30 minutes each, we have 12 video segments from around 15 minutes to over a 1/2 hour.  So, all the video has been snipped, titled, and […]

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OUR State Project: What is it about “Free” that has Zandra Rice-Hawkins and Cynthia Chase’s panties in a bunch?

by Skip May 25, 2014

Adding a bit more from Steve’s post on the hysterical OUR State Project Progressives that believe that people who seemingly just want to be left alone by Government are THE existential threat to NH!  Remember, this from people who are out of staters themselves and depend on outside money to attack these people who just want […]

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GrokTALK! February, 8th 2014 – the Videos

by Skip February 8, 2014

As always, Steve beat me to the posting (er, it takes a while to get the videos into the right shape for editing and then posting).  Also nice to report that with figuring out how to work with the UStream files (created during our livestreaming of our events), we’ll be posting the video of the […]

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GrokTALK! February, 8th 2014 With Free State President Carla Gericke, Ian Underwood, Mark Warden, and Kevin Bloom

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! February, 8th 2014 With Free State President Carla Gericke, Ian Underwood, Mark Warden, and Kevin Bloom

This week on GrokTALK! Our guests are Kevin Bloom, Mark Warden, Carla Gericke-President of the Free State Project, and Ian Underwood. We discuss why it is a waste of time to ban cell phones, the NH Republican Senate’s Great Compromise, and the return of SB120–a bill would limit free speech to the big players while […]

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AFP/NH Grand Opening Videos – Micro Interview with Free State Project President Carla Gericke

by Skip January 23, 2014

Last of the micro-interviews was a surprise – I had wandered around to find Mark Warden and found him talking to a few people that I had never seen before – but they certainly knew each other.  Of COURSE – FSPers from the Free State Project.  No, it is NOT as the NH Dems claim, […]

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City Suit Against Keene Robin Hooders Dismissed by NH Superior Court Judge

by Steve MacDonald December 5, 2013
Thumbnail image for City Suit Against Keene Robin Hooders Dismissed by NH Superior Court Judge

Back in May of this year the People’s Republic of Keene, the city of Keene New Hampshire, filed a lawsuit against six members of Free Keene for “taunting and intimidating” parking enforcement officers. These six members of Free Keene were moving around the city putting change in expired meters to prevent the drivers from getting […]

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Hell is still selling ice cubes – and I agree with Occupy NH on this

by Skip August 22, 2013

It has been a while since I’ve written about Occupy NH.  Certainly we agreed upon one thing – that the combination  & collusion of Big Government with Big Business resulting in Crony Capitalism at best, and Fascism at worst.  Where we parted ways was on how to ameliorate the situation; they wanted even BIGGER Government […]

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WMUR – the Class of the Show by making a horrendus murder / suicide a political event

by Skip August 11, 2013

Update and bumped:  9:53pm and a loyal reader emailed to let me know that, indeed, WMUR rewrote their post: Savyon was known to the local community through his political activity. He unsuccessfully ran three times for state representative as a Republican, including a special-election loss in Feb. 2012. He was also active in Libertarian activities […]

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GrokTALK! August 10th, 2013 – Guest Segment: Evan Nappen (Part I)

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2013

Evan Nappen joins us to talk about how great New Hampshire is, doing time in New Jersey, the ramifications of the recent NH State Supreme Court rulug on RSA159:4 (Can you say ‘It’s almost like Constitutional carry), and if any new legislative effort to change any of that would have a chance in the New […]

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Cynthia Chase might not want you, but we do!

by Skip July 23, 2013

from a Tweet just in over the transom – another Free Stater has arrived: I just moved to New Hampshire for the #FreeStateProject. Feeling pretty kickass right about now. — Matt Roach (@maat922) July 21, 2013 Cynthia Chase – that NH Totalitarian Democrat State Rep transplant from Rhode Island who threatened to take our Freedoms […]

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The Free State Project in New Hampshire: Eager beavers fight it out with eager socialists…

by Tim Condon May 26, 2013

State Rep. Cynthia Chase made herself famous not that long ago when she wrote “In the opinion of this Democrat, Free Staters are the single biggest threat” to achieving socialism in New Hampshire. Well…she didn’t actually say “achieving socialism.” I just added that to make her thought process clearer (after all, she’s a recent import […]

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Robin Hoods vs. Parking Enforcement Officers!

by Tim Condon May 23, 2013

Robin Hoods win. Heh: The Free State Project’s “Keeniacs” are at it again. It seems that a bunch of libertarians down in Keene have become modern-day Robin Hoods. They roam Keene searching for cars where parking meters are about to expire…and then pop in some more coins. Great fun! (And, not incidentally, less money for […]

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A new Free State Project video explains all….

by Tim Condon May 15, 2013

Send this around to all your friends: The following video is about the Free State Project, a movement filled with good people who will eventually move to New Hampshire. It also features an underlying theme of…

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“With resistance like that” in Grafton….

by Tim Condon April 16, 2013

I blogged about the latest brouhaha (and threatened lawsuit) in the Free Town of Grafton yesterday; the fight was caused by hubris and abuse of local power in my small hometown. So in the last 24 hours people have been asking me “Why are they acting like that?” I told ’em to re-read the posting. […]

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Condon goes on a rant against a Regressive….

by Tim Condon March 25, 2013

I just had an exchange with a so-called “progressive” today who wrote some nasty things in a blog about me and the Free State Project. I responded to the regressive (the true nature of “progressives”), and…I admit it…I went on a rant. Felt good. Here’s what the regressive said; and then what I said in response:

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Speaking of Second Amendment attorney and Free State Project participant Evan Nappen…

by Tim Condon March 21, 2013

…who saved a New Jersey family in the middle of an illegal police and “social services” home invasion in New Jersey, you can read more about what occurred HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (it’s gone national, and viral). We all owe deep thanks to 2nd Amendment attorney Nappen,  and to the Free State Project that […]

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Calvin Coolidge Comes to Grafton, Part I

by Tim Condon March 17, 2013

Calvin Coolidge, President from 1923 through 1928, was a famous skinflint from Vermont. He didn’t believe in today’s political-class sport of incessant taxing and spending to win elections (Grokster Steve MacDonald has recently highlighted this excellent president HERE). Coolidge was so adept at refusing the pigs at the political trough in his time that he insisted […]

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A Visit With Madame Curie

by Rick Olson March 14, 2013

Liberty Harbor Academy Presents… A Visit with Madame Curie by Susan Marie Frontczak, Storysmith Tuesday, April 2 – 6:00-7:00 PM Liberty Harbor Academy, 1230 Elm St. Manchester, NH Marie Curie is best know for the discovery of radium and radioactivity but few understand the obstacles  she faced just to get into the laboratory. From the […]

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An Open Letter to Foster’s Daily Democrat (Updated and Bumped)

Thumbnail image for An Open Letter to Foster’s Daily Democrat (Updated and Bumped) by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2013

[Update: I was just informed that the day after this post originally went up Foster’s Daily Democrat decided to publish Dan Davis’ letter.   We take no credit.  I’m sure it was just waiting in the slush pile for a space to open up and the timing is coincidental.  We do appreciate Foster’s making room on their pages for […]

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A message for all Anti-Freestater bigots…

by Tim Condon March 10, 2013

As we know, Rep. Cynthia Chase and others are known to periodically vent their spleens and their bigotry by raising awful alarms (!) about “the invasion of the Freestaters!” This supposedly monolithic anarchist horde is going to sweep through the state and end government as we know it (!). Well, three strikes and those idiots […]

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Oh no! State Rep. Cynthia Chase…AGAIN?

by Tim Condon March 10, 2013

Cynthia Chase, an immigrant from Rhode Island, recently made headlines when she urged Democrats to pass laws restricting the freedoms of NH state citizens…to discourage Free State Project participants from wanting to move to the Live Free or Die state (I kid you not). That was odd, and it made national news…but even odder is this […]

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Silver Circle, the Movie

by Tim Condon March 5, 2013

I believe the very first showing of this extraordinary movie was in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire. The people who worked on creating it have attended the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival every year. Great artists. Even greater political truth-tellers. Hercules movie star and LA truth-teller Kevin Sorbo has worked […]

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New Hampshire, and Molon Labe in New York

by Tim Condon March 3, 2013

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-dominated state legislature there have passed a law mandating that an estimated one million “assault rifles” must be registered with the police by April 15, 2014. The law was passed in the temporary hysteria…

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“Free Staters told to set clock for 2015”

by Tim Condon February 24, 2013

There’s a fascinating story in today’s Union Leader about the Liberty Forum just put on by the Free State Project in Nashua this weekend. It seems that the current President of the Free State Project, Carla Gierke, fully expects that New Hampshire will be welcoming 20,000 liberty activists by 2018 at the latest. (Come and join […]

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Speaking of the Free State Project…

by Tim Condon February 14, 2013

…the latest FSP Newsletter is out. Well worth reading, especially the article entitled “We Made the Move: Angela and Emmett Harris,” a picture of whom appears at left. Wonderful people! And yet another reason why I’ve repeatedly said “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of America.” Why? Because it was chosen by […]

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