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S’Preme Court Revives Challenge To Obama Care…

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2012

…on religious grounds. S’Preme credit first to Hot Air, whose title I have assumed as my own.  And second, how about a do-over? Liberty University had challenged the law on religious grounds courtesy of the insurance mandate itself, the HHS’ contraceptive mandate,  and the retarded left-wing notion that the government can prohibit any and every […]

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And so it begins – resisting religious tyranny

by Skip May 17, 2012

Although the political conversation over the last week or so has been Obama’s personal redefinition of what traditional marriage is, let’s not forget that he and HHS Secretary Sebelius decided that they were after yet another “First” – the First Administration that felt they had the authority to redefine what a religious organization is or […]

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