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So, the GOP in DC decide to cut taxes and shrink government…..oh wait!

by Skip November 15, 2016

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small,but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.”  – President Obama, Inauguration (2009) Hmmm, is it the case that I only have about 2 […]

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Is Shea-Porter Running For Congress?

by Steve MacDonald October 6, 2016

It’s not supposed to be Press Release Day, but this one caught my eye. Carol SEIU-Porter is the Democrat candidate for the US House in NH district one who many years ago, showed up everywhere for everything to get elected to office. Now, I guess, she and her party just assume she is entitled to it […]

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Goffstown GOP Barbecue: Candidate Pitches

by Mike September 12, 2016

From our expedition to the Goffstown Barbecue, we have a good set of “closing statements” by some of the leading candidates – just two days before the NH Primary these folks better have their pitch to voters really crisp – and most of them did – we record, you decide 😉 Frank Guinta; Frank Edelblut: […]

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CNHT Picnic 2016 – The Videos

by Mike July 10, 2016

The CNHT Annual Picnic is always a big deal amongst “Conservatarians”, and this year was no exception. Even in the smaller, but gun-friendly, venue of the American Legion Sweeney Post in Manchester, there were more than 200 attendees and dozens (at least it seemed that way) of candidates – GrokTV was there. Working in a […]

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And we fought a War of Independence because of a government that used to do this?

by Skip July 3, 2016

Hey, Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, this is what you want our American Government  (and let’s add Frank Guinta and Annie Kuster to this as well as Speaker Ryan is bringing this to the House after it getting voted down in the Senate) to be like?  Yay, it’s just about Independence Day? No, no planes […]

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Pam Tucker Suspends Congressional Campaign and I Smell Machine Oil.

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2016
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Pam Tucker has ended her 2016 run for Congress and her challenge of Congressman Guinta for the District 1 seat in New Hampshire. State Rep. Pam Tucker announced an end to her campaign for the 1st Congressional District seat in New Hampshire on Monday, citing family obligations. “Today, I’m announcing the suspension of my congressional […]

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Hey, Senate Republicans – can you hear the war horns sounding? From behind you?

by Skip February 18, 2016

And they are not sounding attack at Obama; you REALLY want to make yourselves political cannon fodder: HUGH HEWITT: My Open Letter To Nev. Sen. Dean Heller, Who Waffled On Scalia Replacement. “I doubt very much I will be supporting your re-election in 2018. I suspect I will support a primary challenger to youor perhaps even […]

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Guinta Votes to Reauthorize Export Import Bank

by Steve MacDonald October 28, 2015
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New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta voted yesterday in favor of reauthorizing the Export Import Bank. Bad Frank. Bad. I’m not saying I expected my ‘Republican’ congressman to oppose the refunding of a crony machine like Ex-Im. That would be crazy. What I will say is that, much like Sen. Ayotte’s embrace of Obama’s Clean Power Plan the […]

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Well – that was interesting! My post elicited a reply

by Skip October 21, 2015

That would be THIS post: So, will Frank Guinta (R-NH) vote for “open borders” Paul Ryan for US Speaker of the House? I got a call from Guinta’s Chief of Staff, Jay.  I did think it a little bit amusing that he said “you could have called me” to which my rejoinder was “Not at […]

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Hmm, and where would this be in the Constitution?

by Skip September 9, 2015

31. Belittle all forms of American culture… 32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture – education, social agencies, welfare programs… 40. Discredit the family as an institution 41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding […]

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A question on NH First District race…

by Skip September 6, 2015

Why isn’t Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH) a member of the Freedom Caucus in the US House?  After all, he made it clear during his first run that he was with the TEA Party.  How come I NEVER see his name associated with his fellow legislators that make it clear that Freedom is their first concern, […]

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Heritage Action Score Card – “With Republicans Like These Who Needs Democrats”

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2015
Thumbnail image for Heritage Action Score Card – “With Republicans Like These Who Needs Democrats”

A reader just sent me the latest Heritage Action Score Card for New Hampshire District One (Updated 7/31/15). Mr. Guinta is the “shining star” with a 58%. Mz. Ayotte earned herself a 29% Mzzzzz. Shaheen (the actual Democrat), scored a zero.   Should we change the State motto from Live Free or Die to “Regulate […]

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So Much For Republican Unity

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2015
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Former House rep George Lambert joins us to discuss the Republican war against one of their own in New Hampshire. We talk about the players and the political cost at the local level, all (apparently) so Senator Ayotte can clear the battle space to run for re-election as a RINO. Listen to the entire program […]

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A Few Things I’ve Learned About Republicans

by Ed Naile June 7, 2015

As long as I have been around politics in NH I have learned one single, unwavering thing about the Republican Party. They never have enough money. Money is THE issue in every race every time no matter whether it is true or not. That is the same song they sing over and over again. Here […]

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by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2015
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A topic of much discussion today on GrokTALK! were the recent remarks by NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn.  She fired up the GOP unity bus (see attached video for J-Ho Go Team! Rah-Rah from the Rockingham County Republican Dinner just last Weekend) and publicly backed it over Congressman Guinta.

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What Did Frank Guinta’s Mother Know And When Did She Know It?

by Ed Naile June 4, 2015

I thought that if you gave illegal campaign donations to a candidate you were breaking the law? Recently a girlfriend of a Republican Congressman was sent to jail for doing this? So what’s with NH and Congressman Frank Guinta’s mother? I can’t believe she, at least, hasn’t been frog-marched out of her home for the […]

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The Republican and Democrat hypocrisy over Frank Guinta’s FEC issue

by Kimberly Morin May 21, 2015

If you live in New Hampshire and breathe air, you probably have heard about Representative Frank Guinta’s FEC issues. They have been ongoing for the past 5 years and the FEC just decided this week that Guinta violated their laws and will have to pay back the money he put into his campaign and pay […]

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When There Is Some There There, I Will Write About It Here

by Ed Naile May 19, 2015

Congressman Frank Guinta has some FEC reporting problems from 2010 which are making headlines now. The last time I remember such a situation and wrote about it was the Burt Cohen (D) 2004 Senate Campaign where Burt Cohen brought in an out of state campaign “expert” with a questionable past, sound familiar, who was the […]

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What a great day to be a RINO!

by Ed Naile May 19, 2015

Democrat NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper (RINO) and US Senator Kelly Ayotte (RINO) are asking Congressman Frank Guinta to resign from the US House of Representatives over a false FEC filing of his own family’s money used in his own campaign in 2010. Nice opportunity for them and the Democrats.

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Agendas Outshine Veterans Affairs, again.

by GrokWatch News Desk March 12, 2015

Kathy Dunton | GrokWatch News Desk I went to Frank Guinta’s 5th Town Hall Meeting in 2 months. I may have bones to pick with him right now, but I have to say there is no one who interacts with their constituents, better than Guinta. You can count all of Shea Porters Town Halls on… […]

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So what would be the difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary – Part 1

by Skip March 4, 2015

Jeb Bush – part of the Bush Dynasty.  It certainly seems that the Establishment GOP is rolling out the carpet for him; here in NH, he’s about to be squired around the State on Friday by Congressman Frank Guinta and former and failed NH GOP Chair Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen.  The problem for me is, […]

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Collusion with Obama right from the get go on his Executive Amnesty from the Senate and House Republicans?

by Skip March 3, 2015

Don’t have any other explanation, because even stupidity doesn’t begin to explain it: We can also add the US House to that sentiment.  Boehner and Frank Guinta melted faster than Odo into his bucket.  (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Call Your Congressman – Boehner MUST Go!

by Mike January 5, 2015

Have a laugh first, but it’s life or death for the Republic – Gohmert for Speaker! Please call Frank Guinta (Annie Kuster, too) and demand a constitutionalist for Speaker this year! And don’t forget Ted Yoho, a principled second-termer, who is also running against Boehner.

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They fear Ted Cruz

by Skip December 23, 2014

I read this on GrokTALK! this past Saturday and I figured that you might want to read this Big Government post yourselves (reformatted, emphasis mine): White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer conceded that he fears a President Ted Cruz will overturn President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, perhaps signaling that Cruz represents the greatest threat to […]

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Carol Shea-Porter is either stupid or lying (and I’m open to her being both) on O bamacare

by Skip October 23, 2014

Another pile of steaming, smelly stuff from Carol Shea-Porter in the NH1 / WBIN debate.  Yes, that same Carol Shea-Porter that stole GraniteGrok copyrighted material and used it in her campaign ads without permission.  But like all Progressives, laws are only for the little people (and she ain’t one of us, I guess) and considers […]

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NH1 Debate between Guinta & Shea-Porter: the Progressive “everyone’s a victim including shoplifters”

by Skip October 23, 2014

To be free to choose implies acceptance of the results of choices made, which means, in turn, that there should be no assignment of blame to others, including the state, if these choices turn out to have been wrong.  – James Buchanan I think I may be shifting over to WBIN / NH1 (Bill Binnie’s nascent […]

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A push pull by “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee against Frank Guinta”

by Skip October 7, 2014

Er, someone on Frank Guinta’s staff?  You may wish to lodge a complaint! Decent guy from American Directions Group (Eastern WA) called and asked if I’d take a poll.  Decent guy because when it was clear that this was a matchup between Frank Guinta and Carol Shea-Porter, I started cracking wise and he politely kept […]

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GrokTV: Seacoast GOP Candidate Debates – Congressional Part 5

by Skip August 27, 2014

And now for the Closing Remarks by Brendan Kelly, Dan Innus, & Frank Guinta in concluding their part of the Seacoast GOP (Exeter Town GOP, Rockingham County GOP, and the Seacoast Republican Women) NH GOP Candidate Debates for those running in NH’s First Congressional District for US Congress:  Next to go up will be the Senatorial […]

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GrokTV: Seacoast GOP Candidate Debates – Congressional Parts 3 & 4

by Skip August 27, 2014

Then it was time to swap one set of candidates out and bring in a brand new set – those running for US Congress in NH’s First Congressional District:  Brendan Kelly, Dan Innus, & Frank Guinta.  Continuing on with the format set in the Gubernatorial Debate, here are the Lightning Round and Formal Questions Round 2: […]

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GrokTV: Seacoast GOP Candidate Debates – Congressional Parts 1 & 2

by Skip August 25, 2014

Then it was time to swap one set of candidates out and bring in a brand new set – those running for US Congress in NH’s First Congressional District: Brendan Kelly Dan Innus Frank Guinta Same format as before: Opening Remarks, Formal Questions Round 1, Lightning Round, Formal Questions Round 2, and Closing Remarks.  Here […]

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