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The 603 Alliance will be on The Kuhner Report Tomorrow

by Steve MacDonald July 15, 2015
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Fran Wendelboe will be on The Kuhner Report tomorrow to talk about the 603 Alliance, the Conservative Business League of NH and the upcoming caucus on October 17th. We encourage all registered New Hampshire Republicans and those undeclared to learn about the organization and the caucus and to participate in the process.  You can begin […]

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603 Alliance This Morning on WGIR AM 610

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2015
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A 7:08am this morning Fran Wendelboe will be on the air with Jeff Chidester (on the Jack Heath Show) to talk about the 603 Alliance. Tune in to WGIR AM 610 to learn all about the group and what you can do to end the cycle of Rubber-Stamped Moderate Establishment primary winners in New Hampshire. […]

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Guess WHAT Shawn Millerick? Establishment R’s DID plan to have a meetup to pick their Chair!

by Skip December 7, 2012

I am still waiting for NH Journal (as far as I know, still co-owned by political operatives Patrick Hynes of Hynes Communications and Shawn Millerick of Millerick Financial) to post a retraction to their story that a number of grassroot activists met to “choose” someone to run against the Establishment candidate, Jennifer Horn.  Every person […]

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Honoring Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone – Part 4

by Skip October 21, 2012

And the list of folks that came to speak continued at the event to honor Ambassador Joseph Patrone and his wife Augusta.  This post has Congressman Frank Guinta (R, NH-CD1), former NH State Rep. Fran Wendelboe and former radio host Jennifer Horn: Congressman Frank Guinta Fran Wendelboe, Jennifer Horn after the jump

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Primary Night (scratch that) “Morning After” Update

by Steve MacDonald September 15, 2010

The initial indications showing Frank Guinta with the lead have continued as the evening has developed but the race tightened with Rich Ashooh closing to withing a small percentage.  In the end Guinta prevailed with Sean Mahoney–who conceded early coming in third place. The Ovide/Kelly race is so close it still has not been called. […]

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