Senate Bill 116 Charlatanry

by Rick Olson February 12, 2015

“Charlatanry…No psychologist should pretend to understand what he does not understand… Only fools and charlatans know everything and understand nothing.”   —Anton Chekhov Senate Bill 116, An Act repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver, is being put through its usual cascade of lies. Yesterday, Deidre Reynolds took the the pages of […]

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Notable Quote – Nashua Telegraph

by Susan Olsen December 4, 2013

“Sullivan’s comments strike us as the rantings of a partisan horse’s patoot who proves the old saw – sometimes attributed to former U.S. Sen. Norris Cotton – that “any fool can serve in the New Hampshire General Court … and most of them do.”  

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Liberal Advocacy For The Murder of NRA Members

by Rick Olson December 16, 2012
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Hypocrisy Gangnam Style

by Rick Olson December 11, 2012

“That’s called hypocrisy, you shuck face piece of -!” —James Dashner, The Maze Runner I am confused here. I think I need to recap some facts as one who has served in the United States Military.  Moreover, I think Park Jae-sang, the artist also know as “PSY” of Gag-em-style fame…(or is that Gangnam?)…oh whatever the hell […]

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About that Outsourcing…

by Rick Olson July 13, 2012

“Nothing like being scolded by a hippie.”  —Sarah Dessen Yet another campaign ad from Obummer accusing Mittens of outsourcing jobs., as well as the other pundits have weighed in on this issue, “yet they still fiddle.” Does Fisker Automotive  come to mind? And what about outsourcing? What is the deal with outsourcing? Does anybody ever […]

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The Shrill Kathy And The Birthers

by Rick Olson November 29, 2011

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” —Benjamin Franklin Kathy Sullivan is not only dishonest, but she is also a rank charlatan. The Shrill Kathy is the epitome of moral bankruptcy when it comes to New Hampshire politics.  In the UL today she quips, Why does Speaker O’Brien not […]

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Inebriated William Jasmin Who Fell Out Of A Tree Stand Drops His Lawsuit

by Rick Olson November 21, 2011

“A lawsuit is a fruit tree planted in a lawyer’s garden.” —Italian Proverb William Jasmin of Manchester, the drunk, non-licensed hunter who sued a landowner following his own demise in falling from a tree stand, has dropped his lawsuit. Jasmin suffered partial paralysis when the tree stand he attempted to enter failed, causing him to […]

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The Class Warfare Of Blue Hampshire

by Rick Olson July 4, 2011

Caitlin fails to do an effective case study on wealth and liberalism while she waves a finger at Bill O’Brien because if she looked hard enough around the Granite State she would see the utter rank hypocrisy of leftists and their verbal articulation of progressive policies, while pursuing within their own personal lives a hard-core capitalist modus operandi that would make even Milton Friedman blush.

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