First Amendment

Obama IS trying to “fundamentally transform” our personal beliefs

by Skip April 14, 2014

Two graphics that pretty much shows Obama’s view of religion: that is must be subservient to The State.  It certainly looks like this to me: Why?  I think this is sufficient: 

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Me Vs The “Pro Selective Use of The First Amendment” Bruce

by Scott Morales April 5, 2014
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I’ve had an exchange with a commenter on the Steyn post I updated last week. I’d like to cite a few bits because I think it’s illustrative of the issue at hand and why Steyn needs to be defended and must win. If you’re not familiar with the Mark Steyn battle against Silence Enforcer Mann […]

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Umm, esteemed barrister? You know better.

by Skip April 2, 2014

 ”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Mediaite: [Jeffrey] Toobin responded that the court seems to be […]

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Inconsistency – hallmark of the Left

by Skip March 31, 2014

Can’t you all even get the narrative right? The Left is trying to redefine the language again so that OTHERS must supply another’s needs (classic “according to their needs” mantra) – this translates into “I demand that you pay for me”.  Once again, the Progressives are all willing to minimize the Constitutional meaning and power […]

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Dr. Betsy McCaughey nails Supreme Court Justice Kagan

by Skip March 30, 2014

Bravo (or do I have to be PC / Spanish correct and go Brava?)!  ‘Grok friend Betsy McCaughey is one of our favorites – former Lt. Gov. of New York, Constitutional Scholar, and one of the nation’s premier experts on Obamacare.  She goes all around the country on speaking engagements, is on the radio, a […]

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This Week – Liberal tries to defend the anti-religious HHS mandate by using religion (or something)

by Skip March 24, 2014

I really can’t get my head around what or how US Congressman Keith Ellison (R-MN)  said on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” (yeah, I watch the Sunday talking head programs, mostly, so you don’t have to) about the HHS Mandate and religion.  It is clear that he believes that Government should be able to control […]

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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

by Skip March 20, 2014

“the utterance of a theocratic dictator, than of a duly elected civil servant.” Philippians 4:13.  A very simple verse but one that has very deep meaning for Christians.  It is an acknowledgement that there is Someone bigger than self, a higher power.  It is a telling about that we are not as strong as we […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip March 12, 2014

…Neither you nor I, nor any small business owner, or interested local grass-roots group, will ever have the time or resources to risk tangling with complex “speech” laws, loaded with trip wires.  Speech becomes a luxury commodity protected for the wealthy and well-connected, at the exclusion of a majority of the populace. If and when […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip March 10, 2014

The idea that politicians should write laws restricting people critical of them is as perverse as the idea that the sprawling, opaque IRS bureaucracy should be assigned to construe and apply such laws. It is bad enough that there is the misbegotten Federal Election Commission to do what the First Amendment forbids — government regulation […]

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Even in our jammies…

by Susan Olsen January 18, 2014

Attorney and professor Eugene Volokh is a tireless and ferocious warrior for liberty.  He wins another one for the good guys.

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How about THESE Democrat Senators – as role models, are they showing that they respect the Constitution?

by Skip January 14, 2014

AGAIN???   Don’t they ever think of this FIRST?  the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of […]

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If Universities Can Regulate Away A Second Amendment Right…

by Steve MacDonald December 29, 2013

Yesterday Rick reported on a gun rights ruling in Florida that overturned a Florida State University ban on students storing firearms in their vehicles. Judge Clay Roberts wrote, “Restricting recreational activities is a far cry from restricting a fundamental, constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-defense…” … Judge Scott Makar wrote “… If […]

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I still can’t figure out how this Progressive gets theah from heah

by Skip December 8, 2013

Let’s be clear – it seems that for Progressives, politics drives their very being, and they pursue avidly.  It fills their souls so much that they can’t begin to grok that when conservatives talk about religious values, progressives think that use of personal religion conscience is only a dodge from agreeing with something in the […]

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Liberal Journalist Whines About W.H. Constitutional Abuses

by Scott Morales December 6, 2013
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Silly little lefty, of course statism begets tyranny. What did you expect? Statism knows only one party, its own. And it protects its own with an wrought-iron fist. Some on the Left are finally on the receiving end of what they’ve been advocating for all these years, and are a little surprised. Similar to the […]

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Press Complains About Obama Admin Controlling The Message – No, I’m Not Kidding.

by Steve MacDonald November 22, 2013

McClatchy DC WASHINGTON — The nation’s largest news organizations lodged a complaint Thursday against the White House for imposing unprecedented limitations on photojournalists covering President Barack Obama, which they say have harmed the public’s ability to monitor its own government. … “Journalists are routinely being denied the right to photograph or videotape the president while […]

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US Senator Dan Coats speaking up for Constitutional religious Liberty; Ayotte voted it down

by Skip November 8, 2013

Is it not tyranny when Government takes upon itself to define what is “acceptable” religious activity – and where it can be expressed and where it is denied (and that would be the Obama Administration)?  But then again, the popular culture seemingly no longer believes or wishes to allow this and instead, prefers its trumping […]

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Notable Quote: Father Ray Leonard

by Skip October 30, 2013

From a Catholic priest that ministered to Tibetan people in the Peoples’ Republic of China, then returned to be a chaplain to our military: “We expected the Communist Party to interfere and block religious services. They were very clear that they despised religion and they would do that. There was no question. But the great […]

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And so it begins: Government declares that sexual orientation trumps the First Amendment

by Skip July 31, 2013

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. And in this case, that would be the Freedom of […]

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Because Christians haven’t figured out how to defend their faith…

by Susan Olsen July 26, 2013

Ascendant Muslims have made it clear that they will defend their faith – because they don’t care what you think. Christians are perceived to be weak – they don’t fight back (literally or figuratively).

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“Free expression of religion” – fine for some but not all?

by Susan Olsen July 26, 2013

The man is allowed to read his Bible in an attempt to turn his life around. I ask the question: if the boy was allowed to read his Bible now, maybe he wouldn’t HAVE to turn his life around?

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GrokTALK! for 7/20/2013 – Opening segment

by Skip July 21, 2013

Susan, Mike, Skip and Father Christian Tudor of Concord’s All Saints Anglican Church start off the show talking about the destruction of the vendors’ areas right outside the studio who had set up for Concord’s Market Day – walking in it was quite clear that some vendors would not recoup their profits in ruined equipment […]

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Blogline of the Day: Reagan brought it down in Germany – Is Obama rebuilding it here?

by Skip May 20, 2013

ABC NEWS TEAM SHADOWED BY ARMED GUARDS: Has An Iron Curtain Descended On The Cincinnati IRS Office? Does a Free Country so severely control a Free Press?  Last time I knew, no. We are often told, when we object to more Governmental intrusion, “If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about!”.  […]

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OK, so where DOES it state “Separation of Church & State” in the Constitution?

by Skip May 16, 2013

For many, the answer is “er, somewhere in there”.  For others, it’s an inside joke (watch and find out). I agree with the Professor – what has come to pass was never written at all.  This is splendid discussion of what I have posited in the past – that perhaps it is time to bring […]

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Some people in Colorado are upset! Awwww…

by Tim Condon April 30, 2013

“Two billboards in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument are causing a stir with some residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive.” (You can read the whole thing HERE.) It’s called the First and Second Amendments, all you politically correct chumps. This is still America, not […]

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HHS Mandate Suffers Setback

by Steve MacDonald March 14, 2013

From Caffeinated Thoughts, long time friend of the Grok Shane Vander Hart reports on a court decision in favor of Thomas Monaghan and his property management corporation, which objected to the HHS contraceptive mandate on religious grounds. Judge Zatkoff’s decision protects freedom granted under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Thomas More Law Center, in their press release, […]

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Freedom depends on who gets to choose and make the decisions

by Skip March 3, 2013

The abridged definition of “Freedom” is how many choices one can make, unforced and unfettered.  I get to make the choice – not you and not Government.  When you and Government starting making those decisions for me, that by definition, is less Freedom. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, was […]

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“Gun Control has Racist Roots” … Wait. What? Part II

by Skip February 22, 2013

Grokster Scott’s post was not what I was expecting and certainly the folks in the video were speaking their hearts.  But in putting up some of the quotes, I think he missed one – and the one that makes the most importance, so I transcribed it.  Rev. William Owens Jr., Founder, “God, Guns and the […]

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Talking Head Show Doodlings – Assorted

by Skip February 10, 2013

I DVR and watch the “Talking Head Sunday Morning shows” like Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and even WUMR’s Closeup”; why?  Somebody is bound and determined to say something stupid.  Well, it is still early and have only gone through Fox New Sunday, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint.  In […]

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Tyranny #1 – Where Steve Vaillancourt decides to make it about himself…and approves of overt threats of Tyranny

by Skip February 3, 2013

“They may as well attack me as well.”   OK, battle joined – you asked, we’ll oblige: You’re an arse of a Libertarian for siding with Statists that promote promise threaten Governmental Tyranny against fellow citizens simply for holding opposing political views. This is the first of a series of posts about Governmental Tyranny (or […]

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by Susan Olsen January 28, 2013

‘If you think Democrats are overstepping on guns now, wait til they get a hold of the first amendment!’ H/T The Looking Spoon

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