FIRE Gives UNH “Green Light” for Free Speech (Say What!)

by Steve MacDonald May 16, 2018

Greg Moore took me by surprise with a tweet about how the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) had given UNH it’s highest rating for free speech. Say what? As a regular critic, I commend @UofNH for revising their speech code, civility code and "bias incident protocol" to finally begin embracing free speech on campus. […]

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Gilford Budget Committee – setting the record straight

by Op-Ed March 11, 2018

By Norm Silber To set the record straight regarding actions taken by the Gilford Budget Committee under my leadership, the real facts are (a) the Police & Fire budgets were never decreased in any of the prior 4 years; (b) the Fire budget was increased last year and this year to provide for the lease/purchase […]

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Palate Cleanser – FIRE PUNCHES!

by Skip July 31, 2017

Now this is cool – Martial Arts, Arduino, and butane.  Can life get much better? Heh! (H/T: Sploid)

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Ye Old Periodic Table

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2015
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From Ye Old High School Friend via Facebook. And I know “everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

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Where Are Bloomberg’s ‘Moms Against Bicycle “Violence” ‘ ?

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2014
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Mass shooting gun violence pales in comparison. “…the CDC bicycle-related injury report for 2010 shows that almost twice as many people died on bicycles in that one year than were killed in “mass shootings” during the 14 years studied by the FBI. Thus, while there were 418 deaths in “mass shootings” from 2000 to 2013, […]

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“Green” Cleaner Responsible for Blaze

by Steve MacDonald February 22, 2013

Thankfully no one was hurt but talk about an eye opener. Fire Lt. Kenneth Vincent said with the increase in people using “green” cleaning products, the number of chemical combustion fires is on the rise. Those are two words that should make any Birkenstock wearing, free-trade-latte-drinking-tree-hugging-Kashi-eating-granola junkie shudder – ‘chemical fire.’ That can’t be good for the […]

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