Fergus Cullen

Open letter to Fergus Cullen and his GOP Establishment

by GrokWatch News Desk March 25, 2015

Kathy Dunton | GrokWatch News Desk I had been hoping that you and your people would have figured it out by now, but I guess it needs to be explained to you, and others that have lost their way. Recently, Presidential Candidate Rand Paul made the comment that NH cannot seem to get a Republican […]

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So which is it, Jeb? And yes, it IS a BFD!

by Skip March 17, 2015

When Jeb Bush was just leaving the Governorship of Florida as we were just getting the ‘Grok off the ground.  What we learned, in that still early stage of the blogosphere, was that many older pols just didn’t get the Internet – and that what they said was never, EVAH going to be forgotten.  Not […]

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GrokTALK! – Wages, Death, Energy, & Fungus

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2015
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We talk about how Seattle small business owners “feel” about that $15/hr minimum wage the progressives had to have, where not to go in New Hampshire if you want the base to vote for you, then its on to death taxes followed by a few minutes on electricity and energy.  Listen to the entire broadcast […]

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NHGOP Blighted By Mystery Fungus

by Mike March 14, 2015

Fungus Cullen, that is – The guy who ran the NHGOP into the ground, and still thinks he is an official spokesman. “Ted Cruz is someone who will not darken our doorstep” quoth Cullen, during an appearance on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” program “…. he’s not welcome.” Cullen hosted one of several private house […]

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So what would be the difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary – Part 1

by Skip March 4, 2015

Jeb Bush – part of the Bush Dynasty.  It certainly seems that the Establishment GOP is rolling out the carpet for him; here in NH, he’s about to be squired around the State on Friday by Congressman Frank Guinta and former and failed NH GOP Chair Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen.  The problem for me is, […]

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Brown Runs – Establishment Cheers – Fergus Quoted

by Mike April 11, 2014

Kiss of Death: Endorsement by Fergus? From Concord Monitor: [P]rominent Republicans say there hasn’t been this kind of consensus and excitement around any Senate candidate in recent memory. The national attention and money around Brown’s candidacy looks more like a reaction to a presidential candidate, former state party chairman Fergus Cullen said. “Three months ago […]

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HB 474 – in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen believes it’s a “choice”

by Skip January 25, 2014

You see, this former NH GOP Chair and now political mercenary is trying to push HB 474, a Democrat sponsored bill that would have NH Citizens pick up the slack by offering in-state tuition to the kids of illegal aliens.  He calls his group “Americans for Choice” – like, there is a choice anywhere in […]

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Fergus Cullen Asks Granite Staters To Fund College For Illegal Aliens

by Rick Olson January 12, 2014

“Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.”  —Oliver Goldsmith House Bill 474, Sponsored by Representative Peter B. Schmidt, (D) Strafford-6, would allow for in-state tuition status for  for students who are without a lawful immigration status. In short, this Democrat…this academic…who has a “dog in this fight” sponsors a bill to provide tuition at […]

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Behold Fergus Cullen’s Kool-Aid Pitcher: Alas! For It Is Now Empty!

by Rick Olson January 4, 2014

The superfluous, a very necessary thing. —Voltaire Fergus Cullen took to the pages of the New Hampshire Union Leader yesterday to throw out the welcome mat for Former Bay State Senator Scott Brown to run against Jeanne Shaheen and to administer a blistering attack on Republicans who do not fit his GOP center-left template. Cullen continues his […]

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NH GOP RINO’s, State Representative Stella Tremblay, and the Destructive Democrats….

by Tim Condon May 10, 2013

High-level NH RINO’s (“Republicans In Name Only”) are at it again: Jennifer Horn, Gene Chandler, Steve Duprey, and Fergus Cullen are all in a tizzy over state Rep. Stella Tremblay’s recent thoughts on whether the Boston bombing might have elements of an “inside job.” In the Union Leader today, Cullen called Rep. Tremblay “delusional.” Well, […]

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Roll Call Examines Why The NH-GOP is Such a Mess

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2013

Roll Call has an article that will be making the rounds.  According to some people from around the Republican firmamanet… The Granite State’s political infrastructure is “a mess,” complain out-of-state GOP consultants, and the state has become an increasingly difficult place to run campaigns. The article goes on to observe some coincidences with problems in […]

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Fergus Cullen and The Other “Smartest Guys In The Room”

by Rick Olson February 15, 2013

“Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.”    —Will Rogers  As I sit and read the paper over morning coffee, I read yet another hit piece on Bill O’Brien.   […]

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Unable to get elected to the NH Republican State Committee is no impediment for Fergus!

by Skip December 26, 2012

There was an article in the NYT that caught my eye: Clout Diminished, Tea Party Turns to Narrower Issues The Tea Party might not be over, but it is increasingly clear that the election last month significantly weakened the once-surging movement, which nearly captured control of the Republican Party through a potent combination of populism […]

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NH GOP vs NH DEM fund raising

by Skip December 5, 2012

NH GOP Chair terms: Fergus Cullen: 2007 – 2008 John Sununu: 2008 – 2010 Jack Kimball 2011 (Jan to Sept) Wayne MacDonald: 2011 (Sept – Dec) – 2012 It is obvious that the threatened shutoff of donations from Washington during Jack Kimball’s term is easily seen; it also seems that NH based PACs also went […]

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Speaking of NH GOP Chair – it sucks to be Fergus C

by Skip November 30, 2012

Heh! DOWN Fergus Cullen: For the second consecutive cycle he tried and failed at getting elected to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. In a field of 43 candidates, the former party chairman was unable to earn enough votes at last Saturday’s Strafford County Caucus to secure one of the 38 availed slots. Ouch. I […]

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I Tried It At Home

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2010

As someone who invites anonymous rants daily I believe that anyone who “blogs” up front should be equally upfront about who they are. It demands things of you and your writing while making you accountable for what you write. And it creates an anchor of sorts to your principles–assuming you have some–and the dialogue.

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Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?

by Steve MacDonald June 18, 2010

…there are plenty of conservative heretics shifting boundaries and public opinion about the role of government. Fergus just doesn’t seem to see it.

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