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NH House Rep. Max Abramson’s Court Case Details (Re-posted)

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2015
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On July 13th, 2013 Max Abramson joined us on GrokTALK! to share the details of his court case.  Given recent events in the NH House and Max’s circumstances making the news, I thought it might be useful to re-post this so folks could hear from Max the circumstances leading to the charges, the original 911 […]

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What Stacie Laughton Wants People to See is That She is Just Like Everyone Else.

by Steve MacDonald November 26, 2012

On June 8th 2012, the Nashua Telegraph did a community piece on then candidate for the New Hampshire House Stacie Laughton.  It opened like this. NASHUA – What Stacie Laughton wants people to see is that she is just like everyone else. This theme was repeated throughout the article, but nowhere in the Nashua Telegraph’s […]

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