Peter Lemiska: A common sense analysis of sanctuary cities

by Op-Ed March 30, 2017

By Peter Leminska The refugees and immigrants who come to America to escape poverty and oppression need safe haven.  The vast majority of them are good, hardworking people, and how they get here is unimportant.  Compassion for immigrants overrides federal immigration laws. That represents a basic tenet of the liberal mindset, the force behind sanctuary […]

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Let’s Pin Carl Gibson Down!

by Ed Naile May 22, 2015

According to news reports, Democrat activist and revolutionary, Carl SEIU Occupy-wherever “Homer” Gibson is to be arraigned June 22, 2015 at the Sixth District Court in Concord for “Voter Suppression” a Class B Felony and a misdemeanor charge of distributing false documents. (He posed as 19 year old Republican candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey.) So the NH […]

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Voter Fraud Is No Different Than Identity Fraud

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2014
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New Hampshire Democrats have been advocating and defending voter fraud for years.  They say it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone who happens to be in the state on election day to vote for them because no one can possibly know their intent.  They then flood the state with people who have no intention of staying after […]

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Future New Hampshire House Democrat?

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2012

Political parties never stop recruiting “qualified” candidates for future races and I think I’ve identified a potential Democrat contender for 2014. Eighteen year-old Tyler Murray of Manchester New Hampshire was recently charged with Fraudulent use of a credit card: Murray is accused of using a credit card belonging to another to purchase $258.58 worth of […]

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