The Tyranny of Administrative (Green) Power in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2017

Barry Brownstein, writing at the Foundation for Economic Education, outlines the problem and abuses of administrative power, right here in New Hampshire, summed up in his closing paragraph. In New Hampshire, the absolute administrative power of the SEC—a power that poses an existential threat to the character and economic well-being of the state—is accepted as […]

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Obama: Charging A Penalty For Not Buying Insurance Bad…

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2012

The Web is brimming with the bitter bile of Obamhypocrsiy today.  (As it is most days).  But today seems particularly special.  First unpatriotic debt, and now The Divine Mr. O reminds us (Circa 2008) that charging people for not buying insurance is mean.  And he’s not mean like that. Except that he is.  (Are you […]

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