Must Read: A Beating in Berkley

by Scott Morales September 1, 2017

A half-Japanese, a Samoan, and a reporter walk into a park… and a mob breaks out. This is not really a surprise because the park is in Berkley California, home of the Orwellian “Free Speech Movement” — which was for lots of things, but freedom of speech was not one of them. The story below […]

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Democrats Embrace Fascism Openly

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2017

“Protesters” who resort to violence (or threats of violence) to prevent the public expression of opinions with which they disagree are fascists even when they have labeled themselves as anti-fascists. Democrats who refuse to speak against this, are fascist sympathizers or fascists themselves.  

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Auburn Police Unmask Antifa Members

by Scott Morales April 19, 2017

The cowards naturally slither away and hide their faces from the cameras. Police in Auburn are unmasking Antifa members at the @RichardBSpencer event. pic.twitter.com/sFNCqPVyW9 — Michael Jones (@MichaelJonesAU) April 18, 2017 These Antifa Fas are extremely adolescent. Check out the guy donning the shoulder pads and clutching a garbage can lid shield. It’s like he’s […]

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GrokTALK! March 1st 2014 – Big Tent Troubles, “Crimea” River, & Jeanne Shaheen Buys A Bondage Video for Teens

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! March 1st 2014 – Big Tent Troubles, “Crimea” River, & Jeanne Shaheen Buys A Bondage Video for Teens

Steve, Mike & Skip open with the growing NH GOP Committee revolt against Medicaid expansion, and how the expansion is a joke whose biggest punchline is delivered to a different legislature, 3 years from now. Then its on to Crimea River as Obama’s impotence on the world stage gets an encore act at the “Globe” […]

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Mustache Love

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2010

What is up with democrats and their obsession with Hitler. I realize that their style of top-down, command economy, corporate-socialist, nanny-state, we pull the stings and you dance style of governance is frighteningly similar to that of fascist Germany, but do they think people won’t make that connection?

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