Too bad we don’t have enough adults on campuses like him right now

by Skip April 28, 2017

University of California Berkeley is the “fabled” home of the free speech movement back in the 60s.  Nowadays, not so much as we’ve seen the political correctness/cultural Marxism reach its nadir with respect to LIMITING that same concept.  You know, some dribble about offense, safe spaces, and oppression except it hasn’t stopped at just debate […]

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Blogline of the Day – True Dat!

by Skip March 31, 2017

We keep being told that Trump represents the specter of fascism and violence. But all of the violence and threats of violence are coming from the left.” But as we saw just a bit ago, the Left is starting to find out that the Right is no longer willing to bend over and is willing […]

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Some Important Reading About This Hitler Business

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2017

First, from Scott Adams, who got his MBA from Berkeley. Speaking of Hitler, I’m ending my support of UC Berkeley, where I got my MBA years ago. I have been a big supporter lately, with both my time and money, but that ends today. I wish them well, but I wouldn’t feel safe or welcome […]

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Not as much pink, either…

by Skip January 24, 2017

…if you ignore the blood seeping into the sand and water)… (H/T: Instapundit)

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Instapundit answers THE question of last night’s riot at cancelled Trump rally

by Skip March 12, 2016

I remember people saying that back in 1968, too. Back then, it was the New Left radicals attacking (literally a riot) their “own” Party, the Democrats.  Now, the New Left (organized by MoveOn.org) is going after Trump – who breaks every conceivable Political Correctness out there.  And we are now seeing, outside of college campuses), […]

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Under the veneer of “the market”, the socialist appears – Lurch

by Skip December 12, 2015

Ah yes, John Kerry, US SecState, extols “the market” as it adapts to “the signal”.  Well golly, he sounds like an Austrian economist, doesn’t he, as he pontificates while at COP21, the big UN sponsored wealth redistribution fest under the umbrella of saving the planet. But I guess he thinks we all be stupid, eh […]

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Call Them What They Are…Fascists!

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2015
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From the Harvard Law Record, Usually, we at Harvard are more than happy to see Yale students make fools of themselves on camera. The video that emerged this week of Yale students screaming down one of their professors might make for a good laugh, if its implications were not quite so serious. It’s a scene […]

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Do They Get A Brown Shirt When They Sign The Petition?

by Steve MacDonald September 25, 2015
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  “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running around with lit matches.” – Ray Bradbury Ken White at POPEHAT has a nice piece on the brouhaha at Wesleyn. The school paper arranged words in a manner that displeased some in the college community. The […]

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Remember – Political Correctness is ALWAYS about Cultural Marxism

by Skip November 17, 2014

Political Correctness is ALWAYS about someone trying to assert control over you – thoughts, words, and deeds. (H/T: Powerline)

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Sure There Are Beheadings – But the Electricity Stays On!

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2014
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Nothing says fawning progressive media like the old adage about Fascism making the trains run on time. Back then Fascism wasn’t the dirty word it is today.  Progressives and Liberals publicly embraced it, supported it, pined for it, and insisted it would replace the Constitutional Republic.  It was the Change they were looking for.   […]

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It’s Time To Neuter The Firefox – Fascists!

by Mike July 13, 2014

While repairing Mar-Mar’s computer after a supposedly friendly utility went rogue, I needed to re-install the non-Microsoft browsers. I started typing in “firefox”, then thought better of it and checked their home page carefully – Hold the phone! “Please sign our Net Neutrality Petition” First they fire the CEO under pressure from the Gaystapo, now […]

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Notable Quote – There are no Longer Intermediaries Between Him and The Nation

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2014
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  [He] is moving, acting, giving orders independently of the decisions or wishes of the Senate or Congress.  There are no longer intermediaries between him and the nation.  There is no longer a Parliament but an état majeur.  There are no longer parties, but a single party.  A sole will silences dissenting voices. – Benito […]

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Yeah, she is bossy…

by Skip March 13, 2014

Steve had it first so I figured that this might help the meme out: (H/T: Powerline) After all, how much more bossy can you get as she showed an absolute total lack of respect for small business owners that knew that HillaryCare would put them out of business: ‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized […]

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Therein the Patient / Must Minister to Himself

by Steve MacDonald December 25, 2013
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In ‘Our Culture, What’s Left of It,’ author Theodore Dalrymple in discussing how Shakespeare’s Macbeth “warns us to preserve our humanity by accepting limitations on our actions,” remarks on the fraud of perfecting human nature though social engineering in a way that reminded me of our current circumstances on this Christmas day. Speaking on the […]

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Oh goody: a GREAT example of Progressivist language redefinition – Fascism as Free Market

by Skip November 20, 2013

Provided by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo), you can’t have a Free Market when it is a Government spawned entity.  But there is a word that describes that spawned entity (emphasis mine, reformatted): Sen. Claire McCaskill (D- Mo.) says Republicans are “misleading people” about ObamaCare, which she calls a “free market solution”.  McCaskill told MSNBC viewers […]

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A question to ponder

by Skip August 30, 2013

Don Boudreax, Professor of economics and blogger at Cafe Hayek flips a standard question on its head and pulls it inside-out sideways: Last night and this morning your news anchors introduced your report on D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s ambivalence toward the pending “living-wage” bill with this question: “Will the District force large retailers to pay […]

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Wandering the Twittersphere – Adolf Hitler was Not A Conservative.

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2013
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I’m working on re-associating myself with Twitter.  As part of that commitment to wasting more of my time–in all honesty I have collected a decent news feed through my Twitter acquisitions–sometimes I wander off onto other peoples streams to see what they are sharing in 140 characters or less.   I found this very entertaining. […]

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What are those definitions again, Democrats?

by Skip February 25, 2013

Having Government  Ownernship makes you, by definition,  Socialists.  Having Administrative control, by definition, makes you a Fascist. Really. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Data Point – Teenage Jobless Rate vs Minimum Wage increases

by Skip February 16, 2013

(H/T: AEIdeas) For years, I have been saying “where are all the traditional teen-age entry level jobs?” with the stereotypical gas station high school attendants example.  Yes, times have changed and the types of jobs of changed.  Yes, there are some teens that have hit it big in the tech field where meritocracy and innovation […]

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Progressive – “Misallocation of wealth”

by Skip February 14, 2013

We’ve oft heard the plaint  of folks that say “How can this be?  We are the richest nation in the world!” and rush to spend others people money to make themselves feel like they are “doing something”.  Yup, we used to be able say that: we were the richest nation in the world – the […]

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Yo, elwood from Blue Hampshire! You’re thinking Communist/Socialism – but you forgot that OTHER political system

by Skip September 15, 2012

Either elwood, over at the Boo-Hoo Hamsters (aka Blue Hampshire), either is not conversant with the various political systems or dares not bring up that which really describes what is going on here in America – and one which Maggie “The Red” Hassan literally tried to do legislatively.  He’s whining about a statement from Charlie […]

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Well Isn’t This Rich. (Or Not, Actually.)

by Steve MacDonald July 15, 2012

Has it occurred to anyone that the Democrats “Tax the Rich®” agenda (soon to be available–inevitably–in “Middle Class” sizes) isn’t so much a goal of taking more, from those who have more, to give it to those who have less, but a plan to keep people who are not Progressives or Democrats–and connected to the […]

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Protester Arrested at Clinton- Barrett Rally…Because they Didn’t Like What He had To Say?

by Steve MacDonald June 1, 2012

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret has turned into the lefts sacrificial lamb in the Scott Walker recall.  With it smelling a lot like smoked chops in the ‘Forward’ state and the DNC pulling up it’s financial stakes, Party ambassador (perjurer and serial sex offender) President William Jefferson Clinton got the short straw and went in to […]

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Planned Parnethood Sells Sex

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2012

[Updated] –the video was pulled.  I’m looking for another copy. Sex sells, and so does selling sex.  When your core business is sex, selling sex is how you increase your market share.   Planned Parenthood sells sex, then makes money because people are having sex, and then uses their friends in the government and the media […]

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