Family values

Someone else understands why Bernie is doing well with Millenials

by Skip February 2, 2016

I’ve been saying saying the same thing for years – and remember that it was the Frankfurt School and Gramsci that said for the Socialist / Communists to take over the ramparts of culture.  Now we are seeing that they were successful (emphasis mine): ANALYSIS: TRUE. OU professor: Youths’ attraction to Sanders shows education failure. […]

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Ronald Reagan’s observation still holds true today

by Skip July 9, 2014

The only problem, “their” idea of family values seem far fetched from the traditional ones and I haven’t seen much in the way of Progressive governance (especially under Obama’s Administration) that says “stronger” – all indications are to the contrary.  As to intrusiveness, well, Michelle has that example all locked up with her overwhelming urge to tell […]

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I will not apologize for my Values

by Skip April 30, 2014

Why should I apologize for my Faith?  Why are my Family Values wrong?  And what is so dang wrong with having our NH Government govern within the bounds of the NH Constitution?  And why do our national politicians ignore the rather clear values enumerated in the US Constitution when they come up with laws that […]

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Blogline of the Day – Virginia Postrell on committment

by Skip October 1, 2013

“Marriage is increasingly the big sociological divide in American life. Getting and staying married makes you part of a privileged elite.” Who knew that you were an elitist by eschewing mere shacking up?  Yet, three things can basically keep one out of poverty – get your diploma, get a job, and get married before kids.  […]

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A sad commentary: Having to ask Santa for a “Dad”?

by Skip December 25, 2012

Civil Society – that “space” that the Founders cherished that was to be between a limited Government and Individuals.  An important foundational part of that future was to be the nuclear family: Mother, Father, children (again, like Capitalism, under attack by Progressives / Socialists / Marxists / Communists for their own greedy political power grab […]

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