Falling Man

September 11 – We still remember (bumped)

by Skip September 11, 2017

Updated (again) and bumped from 9/11/12: I just reread this – angrily.  For you see, our President, whose main responsibility is to the Constitution, the nation, and its people – to keep them safe.  Yet, this President, whose main policy is Determined Weakness, has no problem in using the might of the United States to […]

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In the light of the Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein “Torture” Report

by Skip December 16, 2014

Wonder what the Falling Man would say to US Senator Diane Feinstein who greenlighted and released the report? What was that torture, Diane Feinstein, that he went through in deciding how he was die?  Death by burning or death by the jumping? (H/T: Powerline)  

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