Data Point – Reality setting in?

by Skip December 8, 2017

The nationwide survey by YouGov shows that only 29% of Americans now say life is fair, down from 38% in December of 2016. And, while Republicans are more likely than Democrats to view life as fair, both saw a drop in optimism since last year. “Life Is Fair”: Republicans: 39%, Down from 47% Democrats: 26%, Down 34% […]

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Wrong About Rights?

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2015
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Salvo | “…rather than look into the matter to determine whether some true injustice lies beneath a particular disparity (Was there theft? Is there ongoing oppression?), proponents of the new social justice pronounce the disparity itself to be the injustice. In a feat of monumentally poor thinking, reminiscent of the child who wails “No fair!” […]

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Speaking of TEA Party targeting, CAN the heavily Democrat leaning IRS show “equitable conduct” in managing Obamacare?

by Skip May 27, 2013

Many think not: Will the IRS eventually give the TEA Party another huge testosterone (altho, sometimes the estrogen ladies of the TEA Party of the ones to be feared when riled) boost? Especially when it starts handing out all of the fees and fines if you DARE cross their line? Remember, while IRS bureaucrats can […]

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Tyranny: Democrat Socialists of America in the US House saying (Ah-gain) “you don’t need all that and you didn’t earn it anyways!”

by Skip April 28, 2013

So they believe that if you have too much private property (too much cash), they have the perfect way to steal it from you: write a bill!  After all, it isn’t FAIR that you have earned so much by stealing it from the poor and middle class.  They have far better purposes for what your […]

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Illegal Immigration Benefits Politicians, Employers, and Union Bosses, and Hurts Everyone Else

by Don February 9, 2013

Donna Brazile’s column in Wednesday’s (2/6/13) “The Citizen”,  www.citizen.com, is typical of liberal writings, an attempt to mislead the American people.  Brazile inappropriately interweaves legal and illegal immigration benefits and falsifies immigration enforcement effectiveness. Immigration laws have not been changed because the American people believe in the rule of law and in real “Fairness”.  It […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Arthur Brooks on Fairness

by Skip May 26, 2012

A moral system requires fairness. A fair system in an opportunity society rewards merit. In contrast, an unfair system redistributes resources simply to derive greater income equality. That is a world in which, in the words of Rudyard Kipling, “all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins.” America does […]

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Wisconsin Protesters

by Don March 3, 2011

To the Editor:   Many of the people protesting on Saturday don’t even understand what they are doing.  They talk about “Worker’s Rights” (which I support).  But they have been duped into protesting for public sector  “Union rights”, the right of unions to conspire with politicians against the interests of the American people.      President Franklin […]

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