Fair Share

About that ‘Fair Share’ Narrative The Left Keeps Peddling…

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2018

Three millionaire limousine Libs with 13 homes combined and about $61 Million in combined net worth were whining about equality a post or two ago. So it only seems appropriate to follow with something from the real world.

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What IS that Fair Share, Democrat Socalists?

by Skip January 4, 2013

How much does your pound of flesh actually weigh?  Do you view the successful as sovereign citizens – or subjects to be punished because no one should ever be THAT successful (perhaps, because you think they stole it) ? Obama is crowing “I got Republicans to raise taxes on the wealthy” – thus, fulfilling a […]

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Obama couldn’t avoid his record … or What went down Chris Mathews’s leg?

by Don October 4, 2012

That wasn’t a tingle going down Chris Matthews’s leg during the Presidential debate. Apparently four years of media worship, avoiding meaningful questions, and reliance on teleprompters are not great debate preparation. Consequently, the Obama campaign failed to set expectations low enough for President Obama. President Obama must have expected to be able to keep the […]

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What About Unions Paying “Their” Fair Share

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2012

The left and the unions are obsessed with big corporations and the rich paying ‘Their fair Share,” but when are the great big unions, who can expend billions (4.4 billion from 2006-2011) on political campaigns, (but pay no taxes) going to start paying their fair share? Labor unions are nonprofits, and they rake in millions […]

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