Ayup, those Govt schools are just bang-up, eh?

by Skip June 4, 2017

This is a VERY sad story because, as Progressives are screaming at us for disobeying ANYTHING against the Prog line, “it’s for the children”!  And because it is IFTC, how DARE you even speak!  So what is the way to get their attention?  Yeah, show them the results of their policies – and nothing says […]

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“Critical Thinking”? More like “Simplistic Whining”?

by Skip March 25, 2017

This from the last of a post (“Why College Graduates Can’t Think”) sums up a lot: More to the point, that explains why employers keep complaining that college graduates can’t think. They’re not being taught to think. They’re being taught, in too many of their courses, to “oppose existing systems”—without regard for any objective appraisal […]

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Then Reality decides to intrude upon The Narrative…

by Skip December 11, 2016

SHOT: Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald:  “To be clear, no VA medical facility is bad or failing” …In just the past year, poor conditions have been found at a number of VA facilities, such as the Chicago hospital where cockroaches were discovered in the kitchen and in veterans’ food, the Wisconsin clinic where a […]

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Addition to Steve’s “Vote Shaming The Morons at the NHGOP”

by Skip November 6, 2016

Quick add: my son also received one of those absolutely bossy, elitist smacks-of-Nannyism, smacking-of-desperatism, hounding MOCKING “voting scorecards”. Once again, you’re following in the steps of the Democrats – do you also think we are cattle to be herded? Hey, NH GOP – news flash: He hasn’t lived at my address for over 10 years. […]

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Data Point – Obamacare healthcare “co-ops”

by Skip March 23, 2016

Once again, just because Government has created a “marketplace” doesn’t mean it is a real marketplace.  And it doesn’t mean that Government created “vendors” in that marketplace actually are, you know, real honest to goodness successful ones.  Instead, what the Obama Administration did was create the healthcare equivalent of Cuba – puppet states that could […]

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Sigh….no, not really….

by Skip March 23, 2016

(H/T: Julius)

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Brain Teaser – Which way is the bus going?

by Skip February 5, 2016

National Geographic finds that school kids know the answer right away.  Adults, not so much. You? Answer after the jump.  And no, I did not “get it”.

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And then there are some that are already dust already – and this one won’t admit it.

by Skip February 3, 2016

That would be Jim Gilmore – military vet and former Governor of Virginia. Another nice guy to boot but he just hasn’t caught on.  But in fact, if he was a writer, he’d be in the vanity (re: self-publishing) business for all of the excitement he’s generated.  Yes, he’s quite intelligent and his ideas and […]

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Then why have standards at all? Feminist ideology still trying to trump reality

by Skip December 27, 2015

No, not THAT Trump – the reality that standards are generally there for a reason in life, safety, and the military.  Physical strength counts and counts for a lot (yes, I just got a reminder of that this weekend when *I* couldn’t open the Saab’s coolant cover no matter what I did and the Eldest […]

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Awe, why not continue the pile on? Corey Lewandowski gives the smack down to Fergus Cullen

by Skip November 24, 2015

That would either be “The Fringe” or “Fungus” – take your pick for nickname, as they both realiably denotehis reality.  And here Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s national campaign manager (and ‘Grok friend) decided to show Fergus the consequence when one enters the political Octogon full of hubris and totally unarmed in a battle of wit and […]

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“It wasn’t with any substance” – Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen has just as much success with Trump as being NH GOP Chair

by Skip November 24, 2015

Yet another embarrassment for former NH GOP Chair Cullen – I guess he still hasn’t learned about The Rule of Holes”.  Not content in being the biggest losing Chair in NH GOP history for fundraising as well as losing seats, he continued on to ruin the Connecticut GOP and then has the idiotic notion of […]

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Notable Quote – Michael Huemer

by Skip November 3, 2015

The general lesson is that if some part of government fails in its function, it will most likely be given greater funding and power. Of course, the purpose of this is not to reward failure; the thinking would be that more money and power will enable the agency to solve the problem. But the effect […]

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School district doesn’t like failure rates – redefines an “F”

by Skip October 29, 2015

As I just wrote: Which means that 67% AREN’T PROFICIENT.  Haven’t we learned that doing the same thing, over and over, with results like this, is just insanity? This is our national standard of excellence – the majority of kids failing to learn?  An entire nation? Well, if you can’t do well on the standardized tests, […]

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Regrets much, huh? Next time…

by Skip September 17, 2015

…give out the Nobel Prize for, you know, actual and world class achievement award instead of as little more than a “everyone wins a trophy!”: Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims The former director of Norway’s Nobel Institute revealed this week that he regrets the committee’s decision to give the 2009 […]

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The $15 min wage spawns automated restaurant

by Skip September 13, 2015

We’ve written a lot about raising the minimum wage by Government fiat is unwise, silly, and an appropriation of private citizens’ private property.  By arbitrarily demanding that shopkeepers and small biz owners give low skilled workers something close to a “living wage” is nothing more than: Ignoring  basic economic law (like the Law of Gravity) […]

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Big Gov VA Fail (Again): Quadriplegics and Paraplegics Unattended

by Scott Morales August 28, 2015

“Once again, we’re left to the wolves,” said one patient. There are more videos here.  Regardless of party… oh forget it, I’m really speaking to you Democrats. You know you’d be screaming, jumping up and down in a tantrum if the President had an R next to their name, can you just put it aside […]

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And this is one reason why I don’t trust Smart Guns

by Skip August 2, 2015

Guns, IMHO, should stay strictly mechanical. When I point them and pull the trigger, they should go BANG! and not a quiet “click”.  BANG! is good, click is failure.  Not a great thing when time is of the essence and I need to defend myself or some other innocent.  NO, I do not go looking for such […]

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Another Republican willing to walk away – if the Republicans show, AGAIN, they won’t honor their words

by Skip July 29, 2015

More and more I am hearing things like the following.  And yes, I am getting to that point as well – I no longer will listen to Republicans yammer their pie holes and expect me to believe in that yellow rain.  Trust – built over time, gone in an instant.  A lot of the base […]

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And they can’t kick Ted Cruz around over this: Congress headed for potential shutdown as GOP admits spending bills stalled

by Skip July 25, 2015

Yup.  The Republican Leadership really has but one job to do – pass the bills that fund and direct spending of the Federal Government.  Not even this can they do right, it seems.  One job to do – and with majorities in both parts of Congress, what’s their excuse (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Congress won’t get its […]

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They just keep trying, don’t they?

by Tom June 26, 2015

In today’s Concord Fishwrap (no offense to fish), you’ll see another editorial about guns.  Yet another vapid.repetitive.attempt to imply that the backwater, 18th century Founding Fathers had no idea, when they wrote the muskets-only Second Amendment, that semi-automatic firearms would ever be invented. Had the editorial’s authors only been there to tell them, the Founders would have surely backed […]

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So where was Elizabeth Warren when the marauding bands showed up – again? Part III

by Skip May 7, 2015

You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory — and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did. Another hit to […]

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And now, Al Letizio wants to go offline….no luck with that one.

by Skip April 8, 2015

Yes, I got off track with other things – seems to be an easy thing lately (getting distracted).  So, we get near the end of this sorry trail with Al Letizio – the guy who wasn’t happy with Grokster Kimberly’s posts and wanted me to yank them.  And yet, even with his protestations of malfeasance […]

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Matthew Dowd: icky Culture War this religious stuff – just shut up.

by Skip April 5, 2015

On This Week with George Stephanopolus (4/5) was another great example of an Establishment Republican, Matthew Dowd (Republican strategiest, according to This Week), of the absolute distaste of the Beltway R Elite not wanting even engage in anything that gets in the way of “we can’t make it smaller but we can manage Govt better” […]

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Al Gore – Being Wrong About Everything Makes it So Right

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2014
Thumbnail image for Al Gore – Being Wrong About Everything Makes it So Right

Democrats continue to cling to their global warming scheme despite none of their models being anywhere near correct, and not one of their cataclysmic predictions coming true.  Case in point. Al Gore in 2012: “Scientists expected that as climate change accelerated, Antarctica would be one of the fastest warming areas of the planet. This prediction […]

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If an elementary school can’t even get the Pledge of Allegiance right….

by Skip August 27, 2014

Jus’ hatin’ on God again…. (H/T: The Blaze)

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“Depends on our education…”

by Skip April 28, 2014

“Our liberty depends on our education, our laws, and habits . . . it is founded on morals and religion, whose authority reigns in the heart, and on the influence all these produce on public opinion before that opinion governs rulers.”    – Fisher Ames  (do you know who is is?*  After the jump) Every time […]

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The obligatory post: Sebelius resigns

by Skip April 11, 2014

At that level of any organization, one never knows in looking from the outside in and bottom up whether is was pre-ordained, self-determined, or “quit or be fired”.  In any case, HHS Secretary Sebelius has handed in that resignation.  $700 million and four years for a website that still doesn’t work (front end mostly, but […]

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ObamaCare Surge? Cue Queue The Failures!

by Mike March 31, 2014

Surprise! The enrollment (sort of) deadline generated the expected surge of traffic, especially by people trying to get registered so they could take advantage of yet another “extension” available to people who had made a good faith effort. So, naturally, the contractors running pulled out all the stops, laid on extra capacity, and were […]

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No, they DIDN’T take it off the table – they just gave them ANOTHER club

by Skip March 6, 2014

This will be the gift that will keep on giving – the Kiss of Death, that is.  To the Republicans, that is.  They just didn’t realize it, all those Smart People in the NH State Senate with Rs after their names that voted to implement Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (even though they tried to call it […]

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Will Jeb Bradley Care If We All Call It “BradleyCare?”

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2014
Thumbnail image for Will Jeb Bradley Care If We All Call It “BradleyCare?”

The Merrimack County Republican Committee has joined the ranks of Republican Committee’s scross the state that oppose the Bradley/Morse plan to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire  (SB413).  And they did it after he spoke in support of his plan at their meeting. Over on the Grok Facebook page we got an update from Susan Olsen […]

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