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Notable Quote – There are no Longer Intermediaries Between Him and The Nation

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2014
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  [He] is moving, acting, giving orders independently of the decisions or wishes of the Senate or Congress.  There are no longer intermediaries between him and the nation.  There is no longer a Parliament but an état majeur.  There are no longer parties, but a single party.  A sole will silences dissenting voices. – Benito […]

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Smartest President Ever…Part 3

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013

King of executive orders, master of spending and debt, willing to by-pass congress if he has too….but no power to decide what spending increases get cut from his own Sequester bill.

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I was going to do this – but the Everlasting Phelps did a pretty good job…

by Skip January 16, 2013

The Everlasting Phelps is a new blog to me and had a bit of a commentary on Obama’s Executive Orders – all 23 of them.  I have some concerns about some of the Exec Orders  (as in, is there any authorization in real law to substantiate the claim to do this, or is this  simply […]

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Citizens! Obey your federal overlords!

by Susan Olsen January 16, 2013

Professor Glenn Reynolds calls it correctly: “Gun control is a way of rubbing Middle America’s face in the fact that it doesn’t run things. That’s the actual appeal” Mark Levin does as well calling Obama’s executive orders “un-American,” “fascistic’…  

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Storm Troopers

by Susan Olsen January 14, 2013

H/T The Looking Spoon

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…Obama Is Responsible For

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2012

This is too good not to borrow and re-post.  Dana Loesch–whom we saw at RightOnline this year–reports on the most recent Obama distraction–Romney..something something…and follows with a reminder that most of Obama’s defenders are funded by a guy with way more money (Soros) than Romney.  She then provides a list of links to things about […]

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