Executive orders

Bias: Concord Monitor burying the lede on Trump’s action on Obamacare?

by Skip October 16, 2017

The headline over the weekend on a post about Obamacare: Trump’s blow to Obamacare jolts health consumers, politics President Donald Trump’s abrupt move to cut off federal payments to insurers jolted America’s health care and political worlds alike on Friday, threatening to boost premiums for millions, disrupt insurance markets and shove Republicans into a renewed […]

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Speaking of Freak Out, how does that “I have a phone and a pen” sound right about now?

by Skip November 9, 2016

President Obama: ‘I’ve Got A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone’.  Translation: if Congress won’t do what I want and when I want it, I’ll just use Executive Orders”. Yeah, and the Supreme Court kept slapping them down when someone with time and money was able to use the Judiciary to stop them. But Republicans (and not […]

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Blogline of the Day – Obama working hard for….who?

by Skip January 4, 2016

The White House continues to push extraordinary administrative measures and executive orders on behalf of the rest of the world’s workers Obama – still believing “wealth is better spread around” with these new E.O.  ‘Cept, he is finally telling us that it is ALL of America that’s the HAVES and he’s just giving our 1% […]

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They fear Ted Cruz

by Skip December 23, 2014

I read this on GrokTALK! this past Saturday and I figured that you might want to read this Big Government post yourselves (reformatted, emphasis mine): White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer conceded that he fears a President Ted Cruz will overturn President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, perhaps signaling that Cruz represents the greatest threat to […]

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Rand Paul at Generation Opportunity / NH: First Executive Order? Revoke the previous 8 years worth

by Skip September 12, 2014

Well, that would be a good start.  In fact, it shouldn’t even be controversial – this should be a given for pretty much the Republican President next elected in 2016 given how much Obama has pushed the boundaries of Executive Imperialship (putting both Bush II and Nixon to shame).  Roll it back should be heard […]

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Notable Quote – There are no Longer Intermediaries Between Him and The Nation

by Steve MacDonald April 8, 2014
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  [He] is moving, acting, giving orders independently of the decisions or wishes of the Senate or Congress.  There are no longer intermediaries between him and the nation.  There is no longer a Parliament but an état majeur.  There are no longer parties, but a single party.  A sole will silences dissenting voices. – Benito […]

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Smartest President Ever…Part 3

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013

King of executive orders, master of spending and debt, willing to by-pass congress if he has too….but no power to decide what spending increases get cut from his own Sequester bill.

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I was going to do this – but the Everlasting Phelps did a pretty good job…

by Skip January 16, 2013

The Everlasting Phelps is a new blog to me and had a bit of a commentary on Obama’s Executive Orders – all 23 of them.  I have some concerns about some of the Exec Orders  (as in, is there any authorization in real law to substantiate the claim to do this, or is this  simply […]

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Citizens! Obey your federal overlords!

by Susan Olsen January 16, 2013

Professor Glenn Reynolds calls it correctly: “Gun control is a way of rubbing Middle America’s face in the fact that it doesn’t run things. That’s the actual appeal” Mark Levin does as well calling Obama’s executive orders “un-American,” “fascistic’…  

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Storm Troopers

by Susan Olsen January 14, 2013

H/T The Looking Spoon

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…Obama Is Responsible For

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2012

This is too good not to borrow and re-post.  Dana Loesch–whom we saw at RightOnline this year–reports on the most recent Obama distraction–Romney..something something…and follows with a reminder that most of Obama’s defenders are funded by a guy with way more money (Soros) than Romney.  She then provides a list of links to things about […]

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