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Jeanne Shaheen’s Hypocrisy on Borders and Executive orders

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2018

Jeanne Shaheen is at the front of the line when it comes to the far-left Democrat rhetoric on borders and executive orders. She’s happy to push the false narrative. She got behind Schumer who refused bipartisan reform in favor of political posturing. She even signed on to a bad “immigration reform bill” that could let any […]

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Family Separation Week – Trump Gives DHS Discretion “to the extent permitted by law”

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2018

Via an Executive Order titled, “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation,” Mr. Trump has instructed relevant Federal agencies lead by the Department of Homeland Security that they,  (a)  … , shall, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, maintain custody of alien families during the pendency of any […]

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Trump Issues New Order Limiting Foreign Entry

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2017

The new Presidential Executive Order (EO) on limiting entry from a handful of countries to the U.S. is loaded with tips for folks looking to shut it down before it gets implemented. Things we’ve previously pointed out in these pages. The EO quotes the Constitution and lesser laws on who has the power to limit […]

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Did Trump Already Renege On U.S. Steel Promise?

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2017

The Keystone XL Pipeline has received a waiver from the Trump Administration allowing it to proceed without requiring the use of U.S. Steel. Politico reported late Thursday night that a White House spokeswoman explained that the project, which has been in the works for the past decade, does not count as a “new” or “retrofitted” pipeline, and […]

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Maggie Hassan Against Helping Religious Minorities Fleeing Persecution?

by Scott Morales January 29, 2017

Of course, this is Maggie Hassan we’re talking about, so there is a really, really good chance she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Let’s give her the benefit of doubt and presume that she hasn’t read the dreadfully scary immigration Executive Order President Trump signed on Friday and that it’s not a reflection of […]

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It really must be he stands that far Left to everyone else

by Skip September 7, 2015

The news came out today that President Obama did a partial end run (AHgain!) around Congress by issuing yet another Executive Order – and yet again poking Government’s nose, not under but through the tent wall of the private sector.  In this case, telling Federal contractors that they WILL be paying employees for paid sick […]

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Collusion with Obama right from the get go on his Executive Amnesty from the Senate and House Republicans?

by Skip March 3, 2015

Don’t have any other explanation, because even stupidity doesn’t begin to explain it: We can also add the US House to that sentiment.  Boehner and Frank Guinta melted faster than Odo into his bucket.  (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Hillary Denounces The Imperial President

by Scott Morales November 22, 2014

…oh… that would be Bush not Obozo.  #Hypocrisy #NotSurprised #Revolted    

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Our Federal Delegation’s reaction to President Obama’s Executive Order?

by Skip November 21, 2014

So far, VERY quiet.  Have the day off today so I thought that I would call all four of our Federal Representatives (your choice as to whether they represent us or they are the representatives TO us from DC); I called their DC offices rather than a NH one (previous experiences have shown that the […]

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Executive Amnesty – is the GOP going to fight Obama or is this another “Don’t make real waves” Kabuki theater on their part?

by Skip November 20, 2014

This recent election saw more elected Republicans voted into office, top to bottom, than any time since Herbert Hoover.  Each and every poll that I have seen said why – just like in 2010 only louder and more angrily – stop Obama. They kicked the Dems out of more state legislatures and governerships than ever, sending […]

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So Kelly Ayotte, is this the Amnesty you have been looking for?

by Skip October 20, 2014

Sorry, but here at the ‘Grok, if you tell us one thing during your campaign for office (adamantly anti-Illegal Alien Amnesty) and then flip on the issue for no discernable reason (other than what the picture shows to your left) (yes, she was then for it after being against it), we tend to take notice […]

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Constitutional ‘Expert:’ President Can’t Suspend Deportations By Executive Order

by Steve MacDonald August 4, 2014
Thumbnail image for Constitutional ‘Expert:’ President Can’t Suspend Deportations By Executive Order

In this clip a constitutional ‘expert’ explains to a Univision audience that (the president) can’t just suspend deportations by executive order. “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case.” This was, admittedly, three years ago, well past the average shelf life of for an […]

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Mr. “Executive Orders” #WarOnWomen

by Steve MacDonald July 1, 2014
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The Contraceptive mandate was not in the bill congress passed that we now call ObamaCare.  HHS just made them up. Obama later had Sibelius create exemptions (without congress) for non-profits on religious grounds that waived any responsibility for the non-profit to pay, and at the same time created rules that would require the insurers to […]

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Notable Quote – David Starr

by Skip June 29, 2014

H/T (that would be Hat Tip) to Weekend Pundit for this great observation: As David Starr reminds us, it’s not the number of executive orders the President issues, it’s what’s in them. I have no problem with settling bureaucratic turf battles by executive order. I do have a problem with over riding Congressional votes by […]

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So Do Guns Obama Sold To Mexican Drug Lords Have To Stay In Mexico?

by Steve MacDonald August 29, 2013
Thumbnail image for So Do Guns Obama Sold To Mexican Drug Lords Have To Stay In Mexico?

AP: Vice President Joe Biden, Obama’s point-man on gun control after the Newtown tragedy thrust guns into the national spotlight, unveiled the new actions Thursday at the White House. “It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s common sense,” Biden said in the Roosevelt Room. One new policy will end a government practice that lets military weapons, sold […]

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Ignoble Quote – President Barack Hussein Obama

by Skip January 16, 2013

“What’s more important?” he asked. “Doing whatever it takes to get an A grade from the gun lobby that contributes to their campaign or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade?”  – President Barack Hussein Obama (1/16/13, on issuing 23 Executive Orders on Government gun control) Once […]

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How Convenient…and Annoying

by Tom August 15, 2012

Have you ever noticed that the Water Sustainability Commission, and most of the other “sustainability” groups, all hold their “public meetings” during the business day? This one, in particular, really irks me…

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Much Ado About Something

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2011

“The White House cannot arbitrarily amend federal contractor requirements without a vote in Congress. This is an end-run around the constitutional process, with the Obama Administration once again attempting to implement administratively what it cannot achieve legislatively,” Wilson declared.

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Did they really say “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”?

by Tom June 15, 2010

File this under "Dear Leader" syndrome… President Obama took one step further away from the traditional role of a US President, and one step towards "Dear Leader", dictatorial status, when he signed the following Executive Order on June 10, 2010. Under the authority of the unconstitutional "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" of March 23, 2010 (aka "Obamacare"), […]

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