Ex post facto laws

It’s Worse Down South – A Letter From Connecticut

by Mike March 10, 2014

Legislators just ‘doing something’, hastily crafted laws that ban popular rifles, making lawful gun-owners into felons…… And those citizens determining to quietly ignore the faulty law and keep their guns. Cries of Molon Labe are being heard in bluest Connecticut, of all places. Police Chiefs are declining, for now, to attempt any weapon seizures. Talk […]

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They Can’t Criminalize Us After The Fact – Ex Post Facto Legislation Prohibited

by Mike December 30, 2012

Remember those powerful clauses in the Bill of Rights with words like “Congress shall make no law….”, “Congress shall not infringe…”? Well there are other equally powerful clauses right up front in Article I which deserve our attention as DiFi, Mario Junior (Andrew Cuomo), and BarryO talk about criminalizing guns that we have already obtained […]

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